A Note To Our Loyal Followers and Friends

We've received more than a few emails lately addressing a rumour buzzing around that we will be taking our leave of Lily Lemontree and this site.
Those rumours, my friends, are true.
But fear not, for we are not taking leave of our mission to revive the charming arts of good manners and gracious living, we're just having a much needed makeover of sorts.
A new name.
A new website.
And a new blueprint to make it easier for us to spread our message to young and old, from Baby Boomers to Millennials, Gen's X to Z.
For it's the youngest of our society that seems to need our help the most and yet we have left them with no clear examples of how to live with grace, charm and kindness towards our fellow man.
The great Fred Astaire once said "The hardest job kids face today is learning good manners without seeing any."
At our new home 'Things Your Mother Should Have Told You' we will try to change the landscape of that vanishing example, picking up where our moms left off with a daily dose of good manners, commonsense and savvy life tips to raise a society of gracious grown-ups!

We are live at our new site and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram where we invite you to join us This page will continue to be accessible for the near future until we have fully completed our move.

Thank you!
xo Lily Lemontree

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