THE COVET FILES Frances Valentine Edition

1. Pauline    2. Bamboo    3. Bucket    4. Barcelona
5. Oberon    6. Beatrix    7. Anemone    8. Pocket    9. Transcend

The accolades and praises for the iconic Kate Spade, who we lost almost two weeks ago, still circulate on a daily basis.
And while it saddens me to read about her personal struggles,  I've welcomed the opportunity it has given me to get to know the very real person behind all the bags and shoes that have become permanent fixtures in my closet over the last 2 decades. From her humble but happy childhood in Kansas to the meteoric rise that landed her at the helm of a world-renowned brand like Kate Spade NY, the fashion legend and her incomparable sense of style will always be a source of authentic inspiration for me (and I'm sure for many others), even though I wish the last act of her epic story had ended differently.
One thing I did not know until recently is that Kate Spade had ventured back into business in 2016 with a new line called Frances Valentine, named in part for her daughter. Kate had even changed her name legally, to be known as Kate Valentine so she could distinguish herself from the original namesake brand she sold in 2006.
In a few words, the line is as delightful and whimsical as the lady was herself and although it has practically sold out in it's entirety since her passing, if you are up for the hunt there are a few pieces still out there for those of us who enjoy a challenge all in the name of fashion history.
(Yours truly was up for that challenge and I was rewarded when I found a pair of the Pauline slides in my size! I rank that moment up there with getting married and giving birth)
I've picked out a few of my favorites as an introduction for those who were tardy to the Frances Valentine party like myself but it has been reported that Kate Spade (Valentine) left behind four seasons worth of designs to carry on her work and legacy, which I can not wait to set my eyes on!

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