LESSONS FOR A LIFE WELL LIVED Turn Those Lemons Into Lemon-Aid

Heavy meals and foods sensitivities can make your lymphatic system sluggish, leaving you with puffy eyes, a bloated tummy and that general 'heavy' feeling that is impossible to shake. When this system becomes blocked, toxins (the yucky junk floating around in our bodies that stop it from running smoothly) can not be released effectively from the body. All this build-up puts strain on the liver, kidneys, digestive and immune systems, not a good thing since you need all your sums and parts to be giving you 100% to reach optimal health, physically and emotionally.

I've heard about the wonders of the morning room-temp lemon water for years and never gave it much thought until this morning while I was sitting for hours at my dealership getting my car serviced when it dawned on me! (longish story but bear with me for a moment).
I explained to the service personnel that my 6-month old car was giving me a little less than the peak performance I was expecting. The service guy ran me through a gamut of questions after which I was waiting for some kind of intense service to be read back to me but all I got was a very simple answer and solution. Occasionally filling my tank with less that premium gasoline was gunking up my fuel injector, causing the system to not run at its peak. Sticking to premium gas and occasionally mixing in a bottle of fuel injector cleaner would remove that sludge, allowing my car to run smoothly and re-boot my acceleration level.
Just in case your still wondering what the heck all that has to do with squeezing a lemon into water, here's the breakdown.
Non-premium gas = heavy processed foods and allergens
fuel injector cleaner = room temperature lemon water
It's as simple as that!

Staring your day with a glass of room-temp water (even warmer if you prefer) with the juice of one freshly squeezed lemon is one of the best  ways to take the load off your lymphs, detoxify you on a cellular level and give you that whole body boost, starting with that zingy lemon scent that signals your brain to go into energy mode. The lemon juice helps flush the liver and colon, while providing imporatant nutrients and valuable natural enzymes. Studies have also shown that lemon juice reduces the levels of low-density lipoprotein (LDL cholesterol or the bad stuff) by over 40 percent, compared with drinking water only. Lemon juice is jam-packed with vitamin C and antibacterial/antiviral properties that can also help keep all those colds and infections at bay.
It also might help you shed a little extra baggage due to its alkaline properties. A gaggle of people, including Elle Macpherson (who at 54 is still considered 'The Body' in Super Model circles) swear by an alkaline based diet keeping their bodies fit, healthy and youthful.

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