How To Open A Champagne Bottle

It's just one of those things.
Everyone needs to know how to properly open a champagne bottle.
Champagne moments tend to be a pretty big deal and who wants to feel extra nervous and uneasy when there is a potential for exploding corks and a shower of champers that is not as glam as one might think. But before we even get to the mechanics of the opening, there are a couple of things to take note of that are key to the smooth moment.
Champagne is much like a beautiful French girl with a secret, neither should ever be agitated. Make sure the bottle has not recently been rattled during transit or that it hasn't been shaken by the self-titled 'funny guy' in your party. Ideally your bottle should have rested for at least 30 minutes before trying to open it. An agitated champagne bottle will never, ever be your friend, trust on that one.
Your champagne should also be chilled (room temperature bubbly should never be an option).

Step 1
Remove the foil that envelops the cork. Make sure you have a champagne glass close by as you might have to swing into action, flute in hand, faster than you think. The type of champagne glass is completely up to you and should reflect your own personal style. Most choose the modern flute as they are considered the present day standard and are easier to store but I prefer to go against the tide. The coupe is my signature glass, often referred to as the OG when it comes to champagne vessels and a dashing vessel it is! Alternately, there is also a champagne tulip, recognized by its narrower top and wider bowl or for a thoroughly modern take, one could try the stemless glass. Loosen the wire cage that is found under the foil. Flip down the small wire “key” that's pressed up against the neck of the bottle at the bottom of the wire cage that encloses the cork and give it a few twists to loosen it before you pull it off and discard it. Always have a small clean towel on hand to place over the bottle as you try to pop the cork.
Step 2
Do your best to point the bottle away from any path of people and possessions you might shed a tear over if they become a casualty of a rogue cork with ideas of its own, all while keeping a steady thumb on the top of the cork.
Step 3
With a towel in one hand, cover the cork and the top of bottle and then gently start twisting the bottle, not the cork. The cork should ease its way out with a celebratory pop and as the champagne rushes out, that champagne flute in your hand that I mentioned before will come in handy.
Step 4
Pour a small amount into each glass and then top up as the bubbles start to mellow. Always hold the glass by the stem so your bubbly isn't affected by the heat of your hands on the body of the glass.

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