How To Exit A Car (Without Exposing Yourself)

I'm not sure when flashing you private bits while getting out of a car became a thing but these 'accidental' wardrobe malfunctions have had their 15 minutes of infamy and it's time to pull up our big girl panties. Celebrities do have it harder trying to navigate their exits when they have a million camera flashes going off but I've seen my share of 'regular' people flashing their junk when getting out of a vehicle, most recently at my local Starbucks last week (what's with going commando in the middle of the winter??!!) Getting out of a car with a little grace takes practice, your movements should look smooth and effortless but unless you were brought up riding a horse and buggy in Amish country, it's something you've been doing your entire life so you should have mastered it by now. For those of us who need a little refresher on the ins and outs of getting in and out, here you go! 😊

Step 1: While you are still sitting in your seat, adjust your clothing by smoothing out your skirt or bottom half of your dress as far as you can, hopefully getting the hem as close to your knees as possible. If you are wearing a formal gown with a full skirt or train, gather the excess fabric and position it as far away from the car door as you can, your aim is a graceful exit and having to slide a taffeta tail between your legs is not going to do it. You are definitely going to need two hands for this manoeuvre so leave your purse on your seat or by your feet, out of they way but still accessible so you can grab it once you have exited.
Step 2: Open the car door and place your feet on the ground. Keep your knees together and if you are in heels, make sure the bottom of your shoes are level with the ground. Swivel your upper body to follow legs and feet.
Step 3: Push your body up and away from your seat, using both hands on the seat or one hand to the rear of the seat as you use the other hand to accept a helping hand. Start to rise smoothly with your two feet balanced firmly on the ground and dip your head slightly to avoid the door-frame so you don't knock yourself in the noggin.
Step 4: Check that your feet are on stable ground, avoiding grates and gravel and that you can see where you are going to take your first step. You don't want to do engage in all these graceful moves and then take a header with your first step.
Step 5: Start stepping away and SMILE (you've done good and no one has peeked at your undies or lack there of!) 

To get back into the car, easily reverse the whole order. Your bottom goes in first, dip your head while holding your dress or skirt down firmly against your legs with at least one hand, then swivel your knees and feet into the car.

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