CHIC THIS WEEK: Best Dressed for January 20-26, 2018

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In Christian Cowan
At the Warner Music Group Pre-Grammy in NYC, New York

In Carolina Herrera
At the Carolina Herrera fragrance launch in London, England

In Paolo Sebastian
At the 2018 Producers Guild Awards in Los Angeles, California

In Chanel
At the Chanel couture presentation for Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France

In Mario Rice
At the Learning Lab Ventures Gala in Beverly Hills, California

In  Giorgio Armani
At the Armani Prive show for Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France

In Ralph & Russo
At the 2018 SAG Awards in Los Angeles, California

In Mugler
(earrings by Borgioni)
At Revlon's "Live Boldly" campaign launch event in NYC, New York

Who is your choice for Best Dressed for January 20-26, 2018?

Janelle Monae
Karlie Kloss
Kerry Washington
Yara Shahidi
Alessandra Ambrosio
Diane Kruger
Lupita Nyong'o
Gal Gadot

TIME TO SAVE FACE: Pamper Your Post-Holiday Skin

As much as I enjoy all the festive cocktails, delicious food and late nights celebrating with family and friends over the holidays, I pay for it in January and the price is a puffy face, raccoon circles under the eyes and dry, blotchy skin.
Did the holidays leave you with a less-than fabulous face? I've laid out my top tips for a return to 'normal' that will have you looking as fresh as a daisy faster than you can say 'how many days till Christmas?'

A READER ASKS: How Can I Manage My Monster-In-Law?

Dear Lily,
my mother-in-law is always full of 'advice' on anything and everything I do. I say advice to make it sound better but the truth is she is always criticizing me in a way she disguises as advice. My cooking is never as tasty as hers because she cooks with love and it seems like a chore for me. My house is always messy and if she could raise 3 kids, work full-time and keep a spotless house why can't I get myself more organized so we (by we she means her son) can come home to a tidy house after a long day at work. If my daughter gets a cold, she will say that she must not be getting proper nutrition or she'll mention that I take her out without a hat. After the initial criticism, she will go into a 'lesson of tips' about how I can be a better cook, wife, mother, etc. I've held back so far but I really feel like telling her off. I never have yet because I don't want to cause a family blowout but I'm sick of it. How can I get her off my back without major family drama?


WHAT HE SAID: George Bernard Shaw

“The great secret, Eliza, is not having bad manners or good manners or any other particular sort of manners, but having the same manner for all human souls: in short, behaving as if you were in Heaven, where there are no thirdclass carriages, and one soul is as good as another.”

George Bernard Shaw
Pygmalion (1912)

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Soup is always spooned away from you toward the center of the soup bowl or cup.
Sip a clear soup (a bouillon or consomme) from the side of the spoon. Heartier soups containing vegetables or meat should be eaten from the front of the spoon.
At no time should your teeth come into contact loudly with your spoon.
Don't slurp your soup. You might not hear it but I guarantee you, others do.
The soup bowl or cup may be slightly tipped away from you to fill your spoon with the last bits of soup.
When you are finished, place the spoon to the right side of the bowl or cup to signal you are done.

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CHIC THIS WEEK: Best Dressed for January 13-19, 2018

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In Pantora Mini
At the NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California

In Sally LaPointe
(Alligator mini bag by Stalvey)
Out and about in NYC, New York

In Michael Kors
At the NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California

In Natan
At the bio Fair opening in Zwolle, Netherlands

In Chanel
At the Cesar Revelations 2018 party in Paris, France

In Narciso Rodriguez
(heels by Christian Louboutin, jewelry by Tiffany & Co., clutch by Tyler Ellis)
At the NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California

In Wolk Morais
('Stella' sandals by Neil J. Rodgers)
At the Wolk Morais 'Collection 6' Fashion Show in Los Angeles, California

In Stella McCartney
(Jeans by Hiut, 'Kiki' booties by Tabitha Simmons, bag by Demellier)
On an official royal visit to Cardiff, Wales

In Rodarte
At the premiere of 'I, Tonya' in Paris, France

In Vika Gazinskaya
(heels by Malone Souliers, jewelry by Graziela Gems
At the NAACP Image Awards in Pasadena, California

Who is your choice for best dressed for January 13-19, 2018


How To Be A Delightful Guest - Part One

DO your best to R.S.V.P. well before the reply date.
Also take into consideration the event in question. If it is a wedding or major event that requires a longer timeline to plan, be considerate of that and try to reply as soon as your calendar permits and shortly after you receive your invitation.

DO get permission from your host if you wish to bring an uninvited guest.
Make sure you ask well before the day of the party to allow for the accommodation.

DO offer a helping hand when needed.
If you notice your host/hostess looks a little overwhelmed, quietly offer to help clear the table, refresh someones drink, etc. but let your host/hostess decide if the assistance is necessary. Never be pushy even with the kindest of intentions.

DO bid your host good-bye and say thank you when you're ready to leave.
There are no excuses for dashing out of a party without at least saying a brief good-bye to the host, regardless of the size of the function. Make sure to say goodbye to the other guests as well.

DO write a thank you note within 48 hours.
A handwritten note has greater impact than a text or e-email but if you normally correspond with your host/hostess by text/email, this is acceptable as well. The point is to express your appreciation to your host/hostess.

DON'T forget to bring a gift for the hostess.
A nice bottle of wine, a coffee table book on a subject your host is known to be interested in or a box of fancy chocolates, etc. Whatever you may bring, don't expect it to be served or shared that night. The gift is for the host and only he/she should decide if it will be opened that evening.

DON'T act anti-social, glum or hide away in a corner.
Being a downer at a party you have been invited to is a definite no-no, regardless of what personal issues you may have. A party is not the time or place to unload your burdens on your host or other guests who have come to enjoy themselves.

DON'T make a mad dash for the food or bar.
Gluttony was not invited as your plus 1 so don't overload your plate before the rest of the guests have been allowed to make at least one complete run-though the buffet.

DON'T arrive too early or too late.
Arriving before the given time is very inconsiderate to a host who might be counting on every last minute to prepare before a party. Depending on the type of event, there is a window of time that is considered appropriate for late arrivals. Never more than 15 minutes after the stated time if it's a formal sit-down dinner and as long as 30 minutes if dinner is served buffet style.

DON'T make a habit of always being the very last guest to go.
Some people love to stand at a doorway and have a full-blown conversation with a host, even when subtle hints are being given that it is time to wrap things up. Don't let that person be you. The hosts duties do not end when the last guest leaves so be considerate that they probably still have a long stretch ahead of them before they can call it a night.

NOTES TO SELF: 01.15.18

EAT: Butter Tarts
I'm not much of a sweets person but one thing I can never resist is a delicious raisin-filled butter tart! Some recipes involve pecans, walnuts and/or raisins but I am a tried and true raisin-only fan although any of the three can be substituted for the other. Not only are they considered a truly Canadian treat but they are THE comfort food your body craves during the colder months. I've never met a Canuck who didn't immediately feel better about our 6 months of winter after devouring a butter tart! 😄

DO: 5 DIY Tricks for Fuller Lashes
I have a real love/hate relationship with mascara (I love the look of lush lashes but hate the raccoon circle smudges that I get about an hour after putting it on). Maybe massaging my eyelids might do the trick!

READ: Manners and Misdemeanors
They say no one understands 'good manners' like Town & Country and since I loved their last collection of essays on modern civility, I had to pick up their latest tome on how to manoeuvre through this modern life with a little bit of grace and a slightly new set of rules.

WEAR: Nail Trends
I rarely expose my feet during the winter months. The truth is it's too darn cold in Toronto to risk freezing off any of the little piggies just to look like one of the cool girls who run around the city sans socks but my aversion to frostbite doesn't mean I think dropping the upkeep of the tootsies is up for discussion. The winter foot needs to be pampered even when it's out of sight and yes friends, even the foot likes to be trendy so I'm treating it to one of the season's hottest nail colours at my next spa visit!!

EXPLORE: Anna Mavridis
The weather has been so cold and truly rotten in the GTA that I have been living vicariously through the sunshine-filled Instagram feed of this gorgeous Swedish lifestyle blogger who just so happens to be living proof that blondes DO have more fun!


WHAT SHE SAID: Lillian Eichler Watson

"Don't reserve your best behavior for special occasions. You can't have two sets of manners, two social codes - one for those you admire and want to impress, another for those whom you consider unimportant. You must be the same to all people"

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CHIC THIS WEEK: Best Dressed for January 6-12, 2018

Who is your choice for best dressed?
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In Louis Vuitton
At the 2018 Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills, California

In Naeem Khan
(sandals by Giuseppe Zanotti)
At the Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica, California

In Alex Perry
At Marie Claire's Image Makers Awards in West Hollywood, California

A READER ASKS: How Late is Too Late?

Dear Lily,
when you invite guests to your house and you state a specific time for dinner, how long after that time has passed do your proceed to have dinner if one family has not shown up while all the other guests are there? For instance, most recently I invited about 30 people over for a birthday party and set lunch for 3pm.  We delayed starting the lunch till 4:00 as one couple (and granted very close to my husband) hadn't shown up yet. However at this point I had 30 other guests there that had been waiting over an hour to eat. Did I mention this couple habitually shows up 2 hours late for EVERY function, most times with no apology or excuse for their tardiness? Secondly when that couple did arrive they apologized stating they thought party was for 4…they showed up at 5:10….still late even if they confused the times (Did I also mention that I sent a reminder two days prior confirming time AND my email was acknowledge by the culprits). What do you do and say? As always, I said 'no problem' and apologized for starting without them but is that correct? They both looked a little offended that we had started eating without them. If they continue, do you address it or do I just say nothing?

The After Holidays Thank You Note

The wrapping paper and ribbon have been thrown out, all the leftovers have been gobbled up and if you've been productive, the Christmas tree is already out on the curb.
But there is one thing that you probably haven't thought of just yet, the holiday thank you notes that you should be writing.

WHAT HE SAID: Ralph Waldo Emerson

January is always thought of as the month of renewal, rebirth and of course resolutions. The one resolution I hear over and over again usually has something to do with changes we are willing to undertake to make our lives better.
I believe Emerson said it best about how to succeed at living well and he didn't mention a word about making more money, killing it in your spinning class or adopting a child army from a third world country. In other words, the old guy must have know something about the basic abc's of 'living well'


To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

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