Wednesday, October 21, 2015

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: Tropical Splash

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, I know in my heart there is no going back.
The summer and its warm temperatures are gone for good, well at least for another 7 months or so and I start to regret my secret prayers for a break from the hot and humid weather that I usually start to chant to myself around mid-August.
With everyone begging for 'pumpkin spice' this and 'apple cider' that lately, I've decided that I'm not letting go just get, I'm going to hold on to anything summery for at least a little while longer. The weather might not be calling for tanks and flip-flops any more but who says that you can't sit in front of a toasty fire in your bermudas sipping on a little bit of sunshine!


2 oz. Pinnacle Tropical Punch Flavored Vodka 
3 oz. club soda 
Splash orange juice 
Splash cranberry juice
Fresh or frozen raspberries for garnish

Pour vodka, soda, orange and cranberry juices into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a handle full of fresh or frozen raspberries.
Stir to combine.

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