THE CHARMING HOME: A Bachlorette Pad in Chicago

I daydream of many things, in particular what my single girl living space would have been like had I actually had one.
You see even though I didn't get married till I was in my thirties, I never technically lived alone. I mean really alone, post-graduate and single, 'working girl paying and paving her own way' style.
I basically went from my parents house to the home I share with my husband.
 A regret? Somewhat, since I try to never have too many of those but when I come across divine little pads like this one featured on Rue Mag, the mind starts to wander off into the "'should've, could've, would've" zone!
And take a look at that view! Could you blame me for a little daydream or two??

I love the sleek look of this kitchen!
I usually don't go in for a really ultra modern look but this layout has my name all over it! 

For more pics and full article, visit Rue Mag.

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