Wednesday, October 14, 2015

IN LOVE WITH: Stella & Dot's Signature Engravable Disc Necklace

I'm not a bad mom, I'm just not that parent.
You know the one who is always at the ready with a slew of pics of their brood. They've captured every moment their children have experienced since conception and beam with pride as they flip through a carefully curated picture book or swipe through a thousand images on their phone.
The thing is, I've always felt a little guilty about not doing 'mom' in that way. I mean I love my family to the moon and beyond and if ever there was a mom in GAGA CRAZY LOVE with her kids, you're looking at her! But since I have never been that comfortable with bombarding friends and strangers with photo family histories, I have always been on the lookout for some other cool and creative way to take my family with me wherever I go.
And that's where Stella & Dot comes in!
A couple of weeks ago, the lovely folks over at Stella & Dot asked me to do a product review on anything I fancied from their line. They must have been reading my mind when they contacted me since I had been just been on their site the day before hoping something would catch my eye. (Stella & Dot have become a go-to for me lately, I always find just the thing I am looking for...and a few things I never knew I was looking for but can't resist!)
And wouldn't you know it, the 'mom lightbulb' came on as I was reading the email from them!
Recently, I had come across a stylish new mom of twins who had been gifted a necklace that displayed her infants initials. That clever idea must have lodged itself somewhere useful because she quickly came to mind as I was looking over the Stella & Dot Engravables line and thought to myself how perfect it would be to engrave my children's initials in one of their gorgeous pendants! I could carry them with me everywhere in a way that was unique and totally 'me'.

I am partial to the simple circle and since the initials of my two kiddos fit perfectly, I knew this was the way to go. Further cementing my fate with this lovely was the fact that the little package that Stella & Dot gifted me with was sitting in my mailbox waiting for me the very same day as I was preparing to leave for my high school reunion like it was meant to be!
Not surprising was that the pendant was a hit that evening! I can't tell you how many times I touched it with thought as old friends asked me about my family and I proudly showed them who held that special place in my heart! I have lost count as to how many compliments I've gotten on my pendant since I first wore it but I figure I must thank Stella & Dot at least a million times over to balance out the universe once again for helping this mom keep her 'cool' and do it her way!

*Financial compensation was not received for this post.
A sample product was gifted from Stella & Dot and as always, opinions expressed here are my own.

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