CHIC THIS WEEK: Best Dressed for October 17-23, 2015

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In Lanvin
At the 2015 Fashion Group International Night of Stars Gala in NYC, New York

In Badgley Mischka
At the 2015 Tokyo International Film Festival Opening Ceremony in Tokyo,

In Giamba
At the CFDA Fashion Fund finalists celebration in Los Angeles, California

In Balmain
At the 'Rock the Kasbah' premiere in NYC, New York

In Dolce & Gabbana
At a Great Britain Creative Event in London, England

In Armani
(jewellery by Neil Lane)
At the 'ELLE Women In Hollywood' Awards in Beverly Hills, California

In Jason Wu
At the 2015 Fashion Group International Night Of Stars Gala in NYC, New York

In Alexander McQueen
(clutch by Alexander McQueen, jewellery by Boucheron and De Beers)
At the 'Steve Jobs' premiere during the BFI Film Festival in London, England

In Andrew Gn
(clutch by Edie Parker, strappy sandals by Tamara Mellon)
At the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in

In Schiaparelli
('Dorsay' pumps by Roger Vivier)
At the ‘Truth’ Fellowship Special Presentation Gala in London, England

THE CHARMING HOME: A Bachlorette Pad in Chicago

I daydream of many things, in particular what my single girl living space would have been like had I actually had one.
You see even though I didn't get married till I was in my thirties, I never technically lived alone. I mean really alone, post-graduate and single, 'working girl paying and paving her own way' style.
I basically went from my parents house to the home I share with my husband.
 A regret? Somewhat, since I try to never have too many of those but when I come across divine little pads like this one featured on Rue Mag, the mind starts to wander off into the "'should've, could've, would've" zone!
And take a look at that view! Could you blame me for a little daydream or two??

I love the sleek look of this kitchen!
I usually don't go in for a really ultra modern look but this layout has my name all over it! 

For more pics and full article, visit Rue Mag.

THE COCKTAIL HOUR: Tropical Splash

Once Thanksgiving has come and gone, I know in my heart there is no going back.
The summer and its warm temperatures are gone for good, well at least for another 7 months or so and I start to regret my secret prayers for a break from the hot and humid weather that I usually start to chant to myself around mid-August.
With everyone begging for 'pumpkin spice' this and 'apple cider' that lately, I've decided that I'm not letting go just get, I'm going to hold on to anything summery for at least a little while longer. The weather might not be calling for tanks and flip-flops any more but who says that you can't sit in front of a toasty fire in your bermudas sipping on a little bit of sunshine!


2 oz. Pinnacle Tropical Punch Flavored Vodka 
3 oz. club soda 
Splash orange juice 
Splash cranberry juice
Fresh or frozen raspberries for garnish

Pour vodka, soda, orange and cranberry juices into a glass filled with ice and garnish with a handle full of fresh or frozen raspberries.
Stir to combine.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: One Good Deed Deserves Another

To the crusty old man who dines alone.
You are a regular here. I see you at least once a week, having lunch by yourself and scowling the whole time. You used to sit with your wife years ago, may she rest in peace but now you dine alone.
You have caught my eye a few times, at first because I felt sad for you that your wife had passed on but mostly because I wonder why you are always so mean-looking and miserable, downright ornery at times. I understand that you are probably lonely, I'm sure it's hard growing old on your own after a lifetime of companionship.
Yesterday you surprised me.
A young family was sitting behind you, the parents were having a hard time controlling their young children to say the least. I agree, it was a little louder than usual and I thought you were going to make a stink about the commotion. I even braced myself for an uncomfortable situation as you motioned for the waitress. This is it I thought, the old man is going to blow his stack and as I prepped myself to stand up and defend the young family and their 'lively' children, the next words you spoke made me stop in my tracks.
Instead of complaining about the noise, you told the waitress that you wanted to take care of the family's bill. You said "they're as loud as hell but they remind me of my family when I still had one". I think the waitress was just as surprised as I was because she stood there for a few seconds, mouth slightly open with a look of confusion on her face but with a restaurant full of customers, she replaced the confusion with a smile and went off to bring you the bill.
(I'm sure you commenting 'hurry up now, I don't have all day' helped her along)
You left before the family was told that you had taken care of their bill and could thank you but I wished you had stayed to see their faces soften as they were told. The tension and stress that sometimes accompanies parenting young children seemed to melt away and be replaced by smiling appreciativeness, on their faces and my own.
You see, I was having a bit of a bad day as well and was not in the best of moods but just like the ripple effect you get when tossing a stone into the water, your act of kindness towards these strangers rippled outwards and softened me too. It eased my stress and gave me the push to continue my day with less of that perpetual burden on the shoulders. I didn't freak out later that afternoon when my son told me he had 'lost' his lunchbox AGAIN. I didn't frown when my daughter told me she had to be rushed to the mall after dinner for what can only be described as a life and death need for a new pair of fingerless gloves. I didn't lose it when my husband called to let me know that he had locked his keys in his car and needed a spare set to be brought to him pronto. And I didn't go into hysterics when I realized my polling centre had an early cut-off and I had just missed my chance to vote in our federal election last night because I had to run into the grocery store at the last minute for more bread before it closed. (We are ALWAYS out of bread!)
Thank you 'crusty old man' for the simple reminder of how a little kindness can turn someone around, directly and indirectly, and how each and every one of us is capable of sharing that kindness with friends and strangers.
Paying it forward today in your honour!

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IN LOVE WITH: Stella & Dot's Signature Engravable Disc Necklace

I'm not a bad mom, I'm just not that parent.
You know the one who is always at the ready with a slew of pics of their brood. They've captured every moment their children have experienced since conception and beam with pride as they flip through a carefully curated picture book or swipe through a thousand images on their phone.
The thing is, I've always felt a little guilty about not doing 'mom' in that way. I mean I love my family to the moon and beyond and if ever there was a mom in GAGA CRAZY LOVE with her kids, you're looking at her! But since I have never been that comfortable with bombarding friends and strangers with photo family histories, I have always been on the lookout for some other cool and creative way to take my family with me wherever I go.
And that's where Stella & Dot comes in!
A couple of weeks ago, the lovely folks over at Stella & Dot asked me to do a product review on anything I fancied from their line. They must have been reading my mind when they contacted me since I had been just been on their site the day before hoping something would catch my eye. (Stella & Dot have become a go-to for me lately, I always find just the thing I am looking for...and a few things I never knew I was looking for but can't resist!)
And wouldn't you know it, the 'mom lightbulb' came on as I was reading the email from them!
Recently, I had come across a stylish new mom of twins who had been gifted a necklace that displayed her infants initials. That clever idea must have lodged itself somewhere useful because she quickly came to mind as I was looking over the Stella & Dot Engravables line and thought to myself how perfect it would be to engrave my children's initials in one of their gorgeous pendants! I could carry them with me everywhere in a way that was unique and totally 'me'.

I am partial to the simple circle and since the initials of my two kiddos fit perfectly, I knew this was the way to go. Further cementing my fate with this lovely was the fact that the little package that Stella & Dot gifted me with was sitting in my mailbox waiting for me the very same day as I was preparing to leave for my high school reunion like it was meant to be!
Not surprising was that the pendant was a hit that evening! I can't tell you how many times I touched it with thought as old friends asked me about my family and I proudly showed them who held that special place in my heart! I have lost count as to how many compliments I've gotten on my pendant since I first wore it but I figure I must thank Stella & Dot at least a million times over to balance out the universe once again for helping this mom keep her 'cool' and do it her way!

*Financial compensation was not received for this post.
A sample product was gifted from Stella & Dot and as always, opinions expressed here are my own.

CHIC THIS WEEK: Best Dressed for October 3-9, 2015

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In Tommy Hilfiger
At the United for Lyme-Free World Gala in NYC, New York

In J. Mendel
('Nudist' sandals by Stuart Weitzman, clutch by Edie Parker)
At the Santa Barbara International Film Festival in Santa Barbara, California

In Lanvin
(gold clutch by Lanvin)
At the ‘Suffragette’ premiere during the BFI London Film Festival in London, England

In Giorgio Armani
At the ‘Truth’ screening at Museum of Modern Art in NYC, New York

In Marni
(skirt by Vionnet, crop top by Jonathan Simkhai, 'Pumpstagram' heels by Christian Louboutin)
Out and about during Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France

In Preen
('Toerless' heels by Christian Louboutin)
At the Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Make Up collection launch in Dublin, Ireland

In Victoria Beckham
('Jackie' clutch by Narciso Rodriguez)
At a ‘Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ appearance in  NYC, New York

In Chanel
At the ‘Suffragette’ premiere during the BFI London Film Festival in London, England