TRENDING: The Saddle Bag

I love it when a classic favourite of mine becomes the IT piece for the next season and ends up on everyone's wishlist like the saddlebag for this fall!
My first was a caramel brown Coach crossbody with leather as soft as butter. A big deal for the teen-aged me since the Coach name was a tad more 'unattainable' back then. The saddlebag came with a hefty pricetag and required a trek all the way downtown from the 'burbs since Holt Renfrew was the only place to get Coach in Toronto circa 1985. Had I known better in my youth, I would've taken better care of it and refrained from throwing my purse around indiscriminately, allowing it to land wherever it may ('wherever it may' ended up being a gin-soaked corner of a pub booth my friends and I were 'coerced' into sharing with a bunch of fellows we thought were the cats meow, hence my distraction when tossing my purse).
Since I've gotten over my purse-tossing habit and my distraction with boys, I think it's about time I reward myself with this one, my favourite of the picks below!

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