NOTES TO SELF: Five Things To Do In August 2015

TRY: Nail Polish Astrology I've never put too much into following my astrological sign or horoscope but I was a bit surprised at how spot on the write-up for 'the Fishes' was and how much I loved the colours that the gals at The Coveteur picked for me based on my sign, which just so happens to be Aquarius if you're wondering!

WATCH: Wet Hot American Summer Just the mention of the word 'camp' and I get nostalgic for bunk beds, sing-alongs and afternoon arts and crafts. I also get nostalgic for all the insane shenanagins that were par for course during the weeks spent away at Camp Wannahockaloogie (that gets me every time!) or wherever it was you summered. Imagine my excitement when trailers for the 'prequel' of the 2001 cult classic 'Wet Hot American Summer' started appearing earlier this summer! With all the original cast back including Amy Poehler, Bradley Cooper, Kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd to just name a few and one Mr. Jon Hamm to sweeten the pot, the 8-episode series hit Netflix exclusively on July 31.

EAT: Salad in a Jar I love to pack a healthy salad for lunch but what I don't love is having to wipe down my bag when my dressing has spilled into the bottom of it! Somebody must have had their thinking cap on when they decided to pack their salad complete with dressing into an airtight mason jar, secure and ready to travel. Wondering how tasty a salad sitting in dressing for a few hours really is? It's all in the 'layering'!

WEAR: Culottes It seems like every year, something comes back from the fashion graveyard to haunt us and for once the memories of me wearing the item the first time around aren't making my skin crawl. The culotte has been showing up on everyone's Instagram since late last winter and now it's making it way into the fall 2015. I have been pining for this pair all summer and they're now on sale!

LISTEN:  'You Don't Own Me' Australian Grace Sewell must have Lesley Gore smiling from above. Sewell's cover, featuring rapper G-Eazy,  of Gore's 1963 feminist anthem will not only have you constantly pressing replay but inviting all the young ladies you know to come closer and take a listen to the still powerful message wrapped in a modern sound.

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