AT THE TABLE: Jamie Oliver's Perfect Roast Potatoes (with Duck Fat)

image via Instagram

As tradition has it, our Canada Day holiday was spent with our dear friends who always pull out all the stops when they are hosting. The lady of the house, and BFF to yours truly, mixes a killer cocktail while her better half has so many culinary tricks up his sleeve that we never leave without bellies full, vowing to be 'good' tomorrow! This year was no exception and he topped himself with what would ordinarily be a simple dish taken to the next level with one decadent ingredient.
Duck fat.
Yes friends, you read that correctly and as apprehensive as you might be at just the thought, it truly added a different (and delectable!) dimension to the basic oven-roasted potato. Glazed and crispy on the outside, smooth and fluffy on the inside, I couldn't stop at just one, try as I might. I perched myself right beside this dish and did not move, end of story!
Since the duck fat might not be something you have on hand, it can be sourced at most larger grocery stores, definitely well worth the trip!

Pop over to Jamie Oliver's site for full recipe!

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  1. I just adore a good duck fat potato–hope it's a lovely weekend!