ABC's OF STYLE: O is for Ombre

(My daughter is just about the sweetest thing since bubblegum.
She also happens to be about the shyest kid you will ever meet. The one who always stands off to the side taking it all in from a glance and whose lip trembles when she is forced to speak.
No exaggeration here, I have family and friends who haven't heard a peep from her in years!
I have convinced her to partake in a little photographic exercise in self-confidence this summer and since she is indulging her mother, it would be just super if you did too!)

O is for Ombre
The trendy city cousin of the summer tie-dye you fell in love with at camp that is sophisticated enough to go from the office to a rooftop patio with an ease that says 'summer is finally here'.
For me, it has always been reminder of the sun-kissed manes you imagine on those California girls who live and breathe the beach!

DRESS // Gap     SUNGLASSES // Ray-Ban     SANDALS // Birkenstock     BAG // Roots     


  1. She's darling! I do hope she had fun and that we'lol be seeing more of this beautiful blossom!

    1. Christi,
      She had a super time, wouldn't stop smiling while looking at her pics afterwards. Crossing my fingers that my little experiment works!