To the group of high school girls walking through the parking lot.

I can tell by the way your jackets were left unzipped that you probably don't find it so cold out but it is, very cold in fact for the little old lady struggling ahead of you to push her cart through the slush of the parking lot.

I know that you could see her struggle too since I could hear the bunch of you making jokes at the lady's expense, only stopping when granny almost slipped as she was trying to control her overloaded cart. One of you even glanced backwards as you passed her, a sliver of concern on your face as you watched the lady, trying her best to place the heavy groceries into her trunk as quickly as, what I imagined must have been at least 80 year old hands could go in the biting cold. You probably had enough time to glance a second or even third time since the old woman, arms bent and trembling, lifted the heavy grocery bags into her trunk, continuing to hold onto her scarf and hat as the wind had picked up speed at this time. But no one glanced back and definitely did not think twice of the lady.
I get it girls, we all get it. One of the rites of passage into 'teenage-hood' is the ability to be completely oblivious to life around them but had any one of you stopped for a moment and thought about showing a little courtesy to this old woman (or any person in need really) you would have been greeted with a world of appreciation. I know this because I was shown this genuine appreciation when I helped her. Sure I had my own groceries to put away and control my children in the parking lot but I threw the groceries (and kiddies!) in the car, locked the doors and offered a hand to the woman whose smile of thanks lit up my grey day.
Remember, youth is fleeting but kindness is forever.


  1. How sad that some youth today do not understand or practice common courtesy and kindness. Personally I am very involved in helping raise my Nieces and Nephew. They have been taught common courtesy and old fashioned manners.

  2. Carolyn,
    I applaud you for taking an active role with your nieces and nephews! What is that saying "it takes a village"?
    We need to remind them of the things they sometimes 'forget'!

  3. Great post! Mothers need to teach their children to respect their elders.

  4. Miss Janice,
    I couldn't agree more! We need to teach them to be kinder, respectful and appreciate our elders more than ever!