To the lady at the manicure station next to me.
Speaking with kindness to others sounds like a very simple 'rule' to follow but it was this simple rule you missed by a long shot this morning.
It wasn't necessary to speak so unkindly to the woman who for the last 30 minutes filed, buffed and massage your hands with everything she had just because she didn't understand you had changed your mind for a second time about the colour you wanted to paint your fingernails.
As it happens sometimes when a language barrier is involved, she didn't understand your request, probably as much as you didn't understand her when she tried to explain that she would have to start over again.
Also misunderstood was the pained look on the poor woman's face as she glanced over at the line of 6 other customers waiting patiently for her. You took it as being annoyed and yelled at her 'God! Just forget about it!' but if you had looked up from the pressing business on your phone for another moment after you belittled her in front of a store full of clients, you would have seen her eyes well up in tears.
As a side note, the five dollar tip you left at the counter and told the cashier that 'it is for that one over there' didn't magically excuse your rudeness. The young lady is not named 'that one over there'. Her name is Sarah and she deserves the respect of being called the name she was given.
I'd say that is a sure fire way to get yourself on Santa's 'naughty list'!


  1. I see this kind of behavior at my local nail salon far too often. Actually, I see it everywhere far too often. People who work with the public are not our indentured slaves or our personal handmaidens. You're paying for a service, not the right to treat another human being like garbage.

    I suppose the needlessly rude people of the world feel like they're wielding their power but in reality, their rude behavior shows the rest of us how insecure and truly powerless they are.

    P.S. - I often wish cell phones were banned in every public place. I'm tired of hearing people's screaming into their phone like they're talking into a can on a string. We get it - you're super important and far too popular to not talk about your cheating boyfriend for twenty minutes while you shop, wait for the doctor or get your nails done.

    1. DevilYouKnow,
      Absolutely agreed on every point! I have never understood what kind of satisfaction some individuals get from treating others so horribly :(
      And don't get me started on the cell phone of my biggest pet peeves!

      Happy Holidays!!

  2. I cannot bear rudeness or entitlement, especially to those who work in service positions, it's so ugly.
    Have a merry Christmas Anastasia!

  3. Rude behavior is never excusable, but there's something a rude behavior at the holidays that makes my blood boil!

  4. On the naughty list for sure. Terrible behavior.

  5. Merry Christmas my friend, WOW ... it always amazes me how some people feel superior and entitled and "think" it's appropriate to mistreat others. I see it at Pusateri's and bank lines all the time - when these "delicate flowers or should I say weeds" feel they are waiting to long for service. Seriously if you are able to be in either of these places you should consider yourself blessed ... I'm certain there are people out there who would not mind waiting if they could only have the privilege of frequenting such places.
    Great post ... mon ami. Merry Christmas, hugs Celia M. (HHL)