Thursday, October 30, 2014

A READER ASKS: Whose Name Goes First on a Wedding Invitation?

Dear Lily,
I am getting married this winter and I need to order our invitations as soon as possible but I am having a problem with my parents. My plans were not to include any parents names on the invitation and have our names (mine and my fiance's) listed at the top but my parents are saying that their names should come first since they are the parents of the bride. I think my parents (mainly my Dad!) are being very old-fashioned but I don't want this to become a big deal (which it kind of has already). My fiance's parents are divorced and remarried to other people, I don't want to have a million names on the invitation but if I add my parents names, won't my in-laws be offended?
Please help!

Dear Angela,
Are you parents paying for the wedding? If so, Daddy Dearest is in the right for getting a little bent out of shape! Traditionally, the names of the bride's parents would typically be placed at the beginning of the invitation wording because they usually footed the bill for the wedding therefore making them the official hosts of the event. The event's hosts are the ones who are actually inviting the guests to the function, regardless of whether or not the event is being held in someone else's honour or not therefore their names are placed at the beginning of the invitation wording.
For example,
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Smith
(bride's parents who are paying for wedding)
request the honour of your company at the wedding of their daughter
Sally Elaine
John Alexander Jones,
son of
Mr. Henry Jones & Mrs. Katherine Carlton
(groom's parents who are divorced)

Today, the responsibility of paying for the wedding doesn't always land on the shoulders of the bride's parents. It could be the couple getting married who are paying for the wedding, the groom's parents or a combination of both sets of parents chipping in so that has to be taken into consideration when wording your invitation properly. If you are still scratching your head as to how to arrange your wording, I suggest visiting one of our favourite stationery sites, Wedding Paper Divas and checking out their inspiration section. They are a great resource for wording examples that fit most any situation!

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