THE BUZZ: Little Passports: A Global Adventure

Back in the old days, or 'BC' as in 'before children', I dreamt of les enfants running around the house, wearing French berets, digging into their Moroccan food and speaking to each other in foreign languages that they had picked up on enchanting summer vacations in Italy, Thailand and Brazil...
Flash forward to the reality of actually having children and I have realized that unless I had the bank account of Sir Richard Branson, hopping to a different exotic locale every summer with the Lemontree brood was going to put a dent the size of the Grand Canyon in the old dwindling fortune!

To the rescue of my pocketbook (and the worldly enlightenment of my children) comes a delightful site called Little Passports, started by two San Francisco-based moms who found themselves in the same boat as yours truly and came up with the genius idea of bringing a different part of the world to their children on a monthly basis!

Touted as 'a global adventure' as seen through the eyes of Sam and Sofia, the two adventurous characters that travel the world, your child (or any child you choose to gift it to) will receive a monthly package full of stickers, souvenirs, activity sheets (like the one below), photos and more along with a 'passport' to mark each country visited. (The suitcase that arrived with our first package was just as big a hit as what we found in it!)

And once your kiddos have finished travelling the globe, there is a Little Passports USA Edition that will take them on an educational thrill across two states each month, which includes a Field Guide, a USA scratch book and map.

Summer may be over but I do believe the adventure has just begun!!

Little Passports

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