THE ROYAL PARADE: Style Fit For A Queen, Letizia of Spain

They are crowning a new Queen of style in Spain!
Letizia, Princess of Asturias (the former Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano) will ascend to the highest echelons of royalty today, alongside her husband Prince Felipe, the heir apparent to the Spanish throne when Prince Felipe's father, King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates the throne in favour of his son.

Much like the Duchess of Cambridge, she eschews excessive glitz and ornamentation during her 'off the clock' life and is often referred to as the 'Latin Kate Middleton' due to her penchant towards conservative and structured pieces for daytime events.

The 41 year old Queen, who was a well-known CNN journalist and news anchor before marrying her prince charming never disappoints though when it is time to turn up the royal glam for official events and galas. Letizia's stylish star seems to shine brightest when she is fitted with the sparkling jewels and fancy frocks befitting a Queen!

One of the delightful things we admire about her the most and sealed the deal for our latest royal crush? As well as being one stylish and attractive young royal, no one can deny that Letizia can rock the heck out of a fine hat! (a dying art even amongst royals) 
What do you think of the newest royal style icon?

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  1. She was in the Royal game long before Kate Middleton was. Kate should be called "The British Letizia" if anything.

  2. She is stunning!! I love her style.

  3. I've always adored her style–she's so effortlessly chic!

  4. Oh she is so pretty!! I love her in that camel coat in the top collage!


  5. She is gorgeous. I wish she would forget the pantsuits though; she looks much better in a dress I think.

  6. Casey,
    It's true, Letizia has been around a lot longer than the Duchess and she happens to be one of the 'hardest working royals' (if that makes any sense-LOL!) As much as we love the Duchess, can't help but think she could learn a lot, stylewise and otherwise, from the lovely Letizia!

  7. Jennifer Connolly, A Crimson Kiss, preppylove,

    We are all in agreement, she is one stunning, tres chic lady! It was a shame that they didn't have a fancier ceremony or evening gala to honour the new King. With Spain in such financial dire straits, the King thought it would be fiscally responsible to stay away from excessive spending but what I wouldn't give to have seen her in a stunning regal gown that would have blown us away!!

  8. Deborah Montgomery,
    I think we are on the same page about the suit thing. Letizia has such a tiny frame that as well cut and slim fitting as they are, the suits slightly over power her sometimes. I love her in those pretty frocks she chooses, especially when she is 'off the clock'!

  9. She's gorgeous. I like that she had a career, works hard at more than just looking nice in photos BUT that she's also well-dressed and very elegant.