RETRO TUESDAY: Etiquette Advice from the 1930s ~ 'Table Manners for Ladies'

"Ladies are never seen to bite into food. A lady cuts a piece of food into 'pop it into the mouth' portions. Even and especially toast. One breaks a small piece of toast, butters it, jams it, and then pops it into the mouth to chew"

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  1. guilty on the toast. It sure would cause me to slow down eating though, which would be a good thing!

  2. Deborah Montgomery,
    I think we all might be guilty on the toast bit! My kiddies would be at the breakfast table for hours if I enforced that policy! LOL!

  3. I so remember my mom and all her etiquette advice. After WWII and college, she took it upon herself to enroll in a finishing school in NYC, in the late 40's, As a result, she could hold her own with the best of them, and married well............ more than once!
    Do they even have finishing schools today?

  4. I am a very slow eater- it would take me forever & a day to finish if I cut my toast into bite-sized pieces!

    always, koru kate

  5. Maryanne The Garden,
    your mother must have been a charmer, I would love to hear more about her!!
    Finishing schools are practically extinct now, at least on this continent, which is a shame...a little time well spent studying 'the finer arts' would do many people a world of good! :)

  6. Kate Sullivan Corpuz,
    you and my daughter must be related! I have never known anyone who ate slower than my little girl! :)