RETRO TUESDAY: Etiquette Advice from the 1930s ~ 'Table Manners for Ladies'

"Ladies are never seen to bite into food. A lady cuts a piece of food into 'pop it into the mouth' portions. Even and especially toast. One breaks a small piece of toast, butters it, jams it, and then pops it into the mouth to chew"

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CHIC THIS WEEK: Best in Show for June 14-20, 2014

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In J. Mendel
(jewellery by Jennifer Fisher)
At the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in Beverly Hills, California

At the Baume & Mercier ‘Promesse’ North American Launch in NYC, New York

In Monique Lhuillier
('Nudist' sandals by Stuart Weitzman)
At the Critics’ Choice Television Awards in Beverly Hills, California

THE ROYAL PARADE: Style Fit For A Queen, Letizia of Spain

They are crowning a new Queen of style in Spain!
Letizia, Princess of Asturias (the former Letizia Ortiz Rocasolano) will ascend to the highest echelons of royalty today, alongside her husband Prince Felipe, the heir apparent to the Spanish throne when Prince Felipe's father, King Juan Carlos of Spain abdicates the throne in favour of his son.

Much like the Duchess of Cambridge, she eschews excessive glitz and ornamentation during her 'off the clock' life and is often referred to as the 'Latin Kate Middleton' due to her penchant towards conservative and structured pieces for daytime events.

The 41 year old Queen, who was a well-known CNN journalist and news anchor before marrying her prince charming never disappoints though when it is time to turn up the royal glam for official events and galas. Letizia's stylish star seems to shine brightest when she is fitted with the sparkling jewels and fancy frocks befitting a Queen!

One of the delightful things we admire about her the most and sealed the deal for our latest royal crush? As well as being one stylish and attractive young royal, no one can deny that Letizia can rock the heck out of a fine hat! (a dying art even amongst royals) 
What do you think of the newest royal style icon?

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Sir Paul McCartney
(James Paul McCartney)

Did you know...

1. He was born in Liverpool, England on June 18, 1942.

2. His song "When I'm 64" was written for his father Jim's 64th birthday, who was also a musician and had a band called Jim Mac's Jazz Band.

AT THE TABLE: Rye Toast with Smoked Salmon, Cucumber and Onion

image via Lisa Hubbard/Martha Stewart

After spending what seemed like an eternity indoors this past winter, I shudder at the thought of wasting any precious sunshine sitting inside. Unfortunately since one must keep a clean house and occasionally feed the children that one has had, I have become a pro at finding quick and delicious recipes that I can throw together in a flash and not forsake tastiness in the process.

RETRO TUESDAY: Etiquette Advice from 1921 ~ 'Cordiality in Introductions'

"With the passing of the ridiculous half-finger handshake, with the arm extended upward and the wrist bent awkwardly, introductions have become more cordial and sincere.
Which is as entirely as it should be.
Too many people go through the ceremony of an introduction merely as a matter of duty, without realizing its portent in the matter of friendship and future acquaintance.
We have all met the man or woman who nods stiffly in acknowledgement of an introduction and offers some stereotyped expression of welcome. And we have all met the man or woman who smiles warmly, offers a sincere hand-clasp and acknowledges the introduction so cordially that one feels entirely at ease. In the latter case, a brief acquaintance usually ripens into friendship, while in the former instance, one is inclined to forget promptly the one to whom the introduction has been made.
The next time your are introduced to a stranger, smile sincerely, make your hand-clasp warm and firm, put cordiality into your welcome and see how your new acquaintance responds!
The correct introduction alone is not the cornerstone of friendship; but the correct introduction that is also cordial opens the door to friendships that perhaps are sealed to every other effort.
Whether you are making an introduction or acknowledging one, be sure that it is both correct and cordial."

Lillian Eichler -Book of Etiquette VI (1921)

Penhaligon's Luxury Fragrance

CHIC THIS WEEK: Best in Show for May 31- June 6, 2014

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In Gucci
('Nudist' sandals by Stuart Weitzman)
 At a Gucci beauty launch event in NYC, New York

At a Gucci beauty launch event in NYC, New York

In Lela Rose
At the 2014 CFDA Fashion Awards in NYC, New York


I've never been a big fan of 'Wednesday'.
That mid-week hump seems to hit me like a ton of bricks, especially during the summer when all I can think about are the sweet sounds of the weekend. I will do just about anything to add a little something, a sparkle or two, to a day that I would otherwise push the fast forward button on. This week that little 'sparkle' happens to come in the form of a refreshing cocktail with just a touch of vanilla sweetness and a whole lot of kick!
With little ones still in the house, enjoying a cocktail in the middle of the afternoon is usually not an option (I save my imbibing for the evening hours!) but can you not picture a couple of Southern lovelies, lounging on the porch during the height of the afternoon heat, cooling themselves off with a frosty glass filled to the brim with a little Tennessee Tea?!
Cheers y'all!

Tennessee Tea

150ml Jack Daniels
50ml Cointreau
60ml Lemon juice (about ½ lemon squeezed)
Top with 740ml coke
(makes one full pitcher)

Fill a pitcher ¾ full of cubed ice. Add all the ingredients and stir well.
Garnish with lemon wedges.