REVIVING THE ART OF CONVERSATION ...Or Words We Should Use More Often!

Is it just me or is the art of lively conversation with a warm blooded, real person who happens to be standing in front of you dying away in favour of staring into a screen to let people know what we're doing, how we are feeling, what we think about this and that, etc.? 
(sounds a little hypocritical coming from someone who spends her day sitting in front of a computer, voicing her opinion to a virtual audience? Believe it or not, while I love doing what I do, I find nothing more enjoyable than face to face interaction, big or small with an actual person. I'm just funny like that!)

The dictionary (that's the dusty old book with a whole bunch of words in it that is probably hiding in your basement somewhere!) is chockful of delicious nouns, adjective and verbs that have disappeared from daily use and I think we have to do something about it!

Let's start today...I for one will take out a 'resplendent' pair of yellow Hunter wellingtons out of the closet and make my way through the ice and snow, maybe just a little lighter in my step!



  1. Oh how I love a delicious word–and a cheerful pair of Hunter boots!

  2. I adore words and love either learning new ones or reviving old ones that people haven't used in a while. There are some great words out there! I'm definitely going to try and incorporate this one into a conversation now! XxxX

  3. Fabulous word. I'm going to try to use it tomorrow and see if anyone comments!

  4. A Crimson Kiss,
    The Hunters brightened up the gloomy day most definitely! With all this horrible weather that we've been having, I have to pull out every trick I have up my sleeve, crossing my fingers that spring is somewhere lurking around the corner!

  5. SHR,
    You must let me know if you worked it in! One new (or should I say old) word a week, I think we can do it!

  6. That is one of my favorite words. It does amaze me how often we find people with heads down, staring at a small screen, instead of the world around them. We are losing the art of conversation - thanks for the reminder to keep it going!