THE CHARMING ONES: Joanne Woodward

Joanne Gignilliat Trimmier Woodward

Did you know...

1. She was born on February 27, 1930 in Thomasville, Georgia.
2. She married the legendary Paul Newman on February 2, 1958 in Las Vegas, a marriage which lasted 50 years till his death in 2008. (that's like a thousand years in Hollywood!)
3.  She won the 1957 Academy Award for 'Best Actress' for her portrayal of a woman with multiple personality disorder in 'The Three Faces of Eve'
4. In 1939 at the age of 9, Joanne travelled to Atlanta, Georgia for the 'Gone with the Wind' première with her mother. During a motor parade honouring the film, she jumped into a limousine carrying actor Laurence Olivier, whom she had a huge crush on and sat in his lap.
5. She wore a handmade dress that cost about $100 to the 1957 Oscar ceremony where she accepted her Oscar for 'Best Actress'.

To see more of the lovely Joanne Woodward in action, Lily Lemontree recommends 'A New Kind of Love' and 'The Long, Hot Summer'

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  1. Lily, my hubby and I just watched The Long Hot Summer a few nights ago. It was a sweet story although a bit slow in places. Nice post. Shiree, Joy of Nesting