In the hierarchy of the closet, nothing comes as close to the almighty 'little black dress' as does its silent but just as chic partner, the black pump. How many times have you scratched your head in wonder, standing in front of your closet, looking for the perfect shoe to go with the outfit you spent your whole morning putting together, only to have your mind wander over the red stacked stilettos and metallic strappy numbers, back to the classic black pump. 

No one needs to tell you of the abundance of black pumps, in every price point, available out there but before bringing that fancy little shoebox of choice up to the cashier, keeping a few tips in mind might just help you locate your very newest BFF of the shoe variety. 
Sizing varies with different manufacturers and designers, so the old adage 'try before you buy' is of the utmost importance. Make sure the pump is snug but comfortable, without pinching across the widest part of your foot. Don't overlook the fit across the top of your heel and achilles tendon, that tender dip right above your heel. Visible gaps here can ruin the look of a perfect fit, making it seem like you have borrowed your big sister's heels. Alternatively, if the shoe is too tight or is cut too low across this area, you are in for some wretched pain if they start to cut into the delicate tendon area. Spend time looking at both shoes on your feet, at all angles. Occasionally, feet have a horrible habit of varying ever so slightly in size, especially after having children, so make a point of trying on both shoes that are paired together.
Pointy or rounded toe is a personal call but the pointy-er the toe box, the more elongated the leg will look. Be weary of too much of the dreaded toe cleavage which just looks plain awful and can be very uncomfortable due to the lack of support it will offer the front of the foot.
The pump is at its finest when the heel is sculpted, fine and towering but comfort plays a big role in the matter of wear-ability so skip the stiletto heels if you just can't wear them and find a slender heel that offers some height (at least 2 inches) and stability.
Usually, I will be the first to say that spending a lot of money is not a prerequisite to looking chic but in this instance, pool as much coin as you can and don't hesitate to plunk it down when you come across the finest quality you can afford.
Look for supple leathers (or vegan alternatives), that have been stitched invisibly and any adhesives used should be out of sight. Spend wisely and you will be rewarded with a piece that will take its places amongst the 'forever' staples of your wardrobe.


TOP     Sergio Rossi     Saint Laurent     Gucci
MIDDLE     L.K. Bennett     Saint Laurent     Cole Haan
BOTTOM     Christian Louboutin     Zara     Casadei


  1. What a gorgeous round up! That t-strap pair is positively irresistible!

  2. Lena,
    aren't they to die for! Life would be grand if I could get a hold of pair of lovelies like that!

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