THE ROYAL PARADE: Cressida Bonas

A lot of buzz lately about the possibility of another royal wedding in the near future and that buzz seems to center around one young lady in particular, Cressida Bonas. The lovely blonde sweetheart of everyone's favorite ginger prince, Harry of Windsor, is said to be Britain's next royal bride and I have a feeling if the gossip comes to fruition, she will add a bit of much needed spice to the royal style scene in the UK
(hopefully not in the Duchess of York sort of way, sorry Fergie!).

with her mother Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon

Cressida (pronounced CRESS-i-dah), the daughter of blue-blooded socialite Lady Mary-Gaye Curzon, (daughter of the 6th Earl of Howe and a very interesting bird herself!) and her third husband Jeffrey Bonas, has been an active participant in this season's '90s revival with her denim overalls, floral maxi jumpers and hair scrunchies (yes, kittens I said scrunchies) The hair scrunchie bit would usually be enough for me to not want to ever lay eyes on her again but I can't help it, this girl draws me in!
(which seems to me is exactly what she is doing to the Prince as well, don't you think?)

Dubbed the 'anti-Kate' (due to her carefree blonde coif and aristocratic bloodline), it's said she has inherited her mother's bohemian spirit, lending to her easy-breezy style
(her mum has been married four times and has posed topless in a glossy...wonder if the Queen has uttered a few 'egads' at the thought)
While we are slowing falling in style love with Cressy, what are your thoughts on the potential royal lady's style?

with Princess Eugenie of York

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  1. She will grow up, as will her style. The Royals could do with a bit of a shake up! Nevertheless, I'm a huge fan of them and wish them all well. You go , Cressida,

  2. Marguerite,
    Agreed, she is still a youngster (24 to be exact), would love to take a peek into the future and see how her style matures. I picture her like another bohemian aristocrat, the always chic India Hicks.

  3. I had never heard of her until I read your post yesterday. She looks like a lovely young woman. I'm anxious to see where their relationship will take them! Xx

  4. PP,
    I have been hearing that the Prince is ready to propose but I guess we will have to wait and see!

  5. I am distracted, she looks very much like my youngest sister did at that age!

    1. LPC,
      She must have been a beauty! Doesn't surprised me though, good looks must run in the family!

  6. A new face I never heard of actually. Interested to see where it will all go!

  7. She is lovely, I've been in her company a few times
    Fingers crossed for Harry.

  8. Tabitha,
    oh you must keep us posted if you hear anything on your end!!