Oh little Bieber, why??

Unless you are choking and having a medical emergency that requires you to spit to save your life, spitting in public is never appropriate. You wouldn't blow your nose in the air and let the chips fall where they may so to speak and on that train of thought, it is not okay for you to expel 'stuff' out of your mouth in public.
That common-sense seems to evade some of us and even sadder, that lack of knowledge as to what is appropriate in public trickles down to our children.

Now, I am a city girl, born and raised in the great metropolis that is known as Toronto and on those metropolis streets, I have seen my share of 'disgusting wonders' including rampant spitters. Gross as it is, I have done my best to choke back (literally!) my desire to make a comment and looked the other way (what else is there to do really?) but this morning there is a different story to tell.

My daughter's school has just this year changed their dress code policy and have reverted back to wearing a uniform. Not being as rushed as I usually am in the morning, I had the opportunity to stop for a moment and look out amongst the children in the playground, admiring how sharp they all looked in their fancy new uniforms when I spied a gorgeous little girl, a pre-teen with perfect posture and a sharply pressed pinafore. As I admired how nice she looked, it only took a moment for my eye to wander to the other little kiddies before looking back just in time to see her lean her head to one side and oh-so casually let out a lugie that you would have expected from a old man on his death bed.

To say my knee-highs curled (if I had actually been wearing any) would have been an understatement! Nothing ruined that moment of looking admiringly upon this otherwise picture-perfect tween than having to witness her spitting junk out of her mouth in public.
What made it even worse was the arrival of a poor little fellow heading to kindergarten who tripped and landed hands down just steps away from the pile of disgustingness. Luckily, the kiddo was saved from a palm full of spit but had it not been for the particular turn of gravity, it would have been one nasty way to start the school day!
And just so that we are clear, while today's culprit was a young lady, a rare occurrence for yours truly, I have come across way too many males, ranging from the very old to the very young who make spitting in public part of their 'charm' (Yes, Mr. Biebs, I am including you in that unsavoury bunch!). Last week, on a family outing at a large outdoor venue, I had the misfortune of coming across 5 of these manly spitters, the last one a little too close to me enjoying my lunch, an absolute downer on my very first corn-dog experience.

Many countries have actual laws prohibiting people from spitting on public streets, not such a bad idea when you think of the daily tango you must perform just to walk down a city street lately.
Considering that as a society of germaphobes we regularly (and sometimes rudely) refuse the common courtesy of shaking hands when we greet people for the fear of 'catching what they might be carrying', you would think there would be less people walking the streets and spitting bacteria and germs into the air so carelessly but it seems our fear of the germ stops short when it comes to our desire to just say no to a bad habit!


  1. It is disgusting! I have also witnessed a "gentleman" blowing his nose on the street, minus a tissue. Charming stuff.

  2. I agree! What has become of these kids in Hollywood anyway??! They think they can do whatever they darn please and get away with it... they're supposed to be "role models"!! ARGH! Enough of the rant... lol. Have a wonderful day, Hun! xo