A TRIP DOWN THE AISLE: Colour Pop Inspiration

By Steph Payne

The autumn and winter wedding season is finally here, and long gone are the hot, light days and vibrant summer colours – or are they?
More and more A/W brides are shunning the ‘traditional’ soft metallic pallets and deep winter hues such as rich purples, blues and reds and are opting for bold, summery splashes of colour – and it looks magnificent.
I always thought that it is far harder on autumn and winter brides to select their colour schemes, but in fact I think that we A/W brides have so much more choice and creativity. I am myself a winter bride, and I have opted for a crisp white and silver colour scheme, but with a little summery twist. Along my journey from fiancée to bride, I have found the best and most effective ways to introduce bursts of bright colour to my day really subtly and effectively. Here are a few ideas, if you are thinking of adding some jewels of colour to your own big day.

Jewellery is a fab way to add bursts of colour to your day, weather it be silver sparkles or bright colour accessories, and it’s so subtle and elegant. With the increase in popularity of the 20's, 30's and 40's era thanks to the likes of ‘Downton Abby’, ‘The Great Gatsby’ and ‘Mad Men’ more and more brides are opting for old school Hollywood jewels and vintage 20s designs. With the increased popularity of these styles, it has also bought a revival to coloured stones – rubies, emeralds and thanks to Kate Middleton, sapphires have all made a huge comeback this year, and are a great way of adding subtle colour to your look.  

Shy away from the tried and tested French manicure, and go for a block colour design. From rich reds, to all over sparkles, it’s certainly a great way to create a sparkling focal point. It’s a subtle way to introduce some colour to your look with total ease.
Flowers are such an easy way to introduce colour to your day. It’s an area that you can get really creative. Think bright, bold colourful blooms that will add a whole new dimension to your day. From sunshine yellow sunflowers, to sumptuous pink peonies the possibilities for dramatic colour is endless, and it’s something you can have fun with.
If all out colour isn’t your thing, then why not add some subtle hints of colour in your décor? From chair covers to vases and table crystals, these are all small ways in which you can add beautiful pops of colour without it looking over the top.

Steph Payne is a blogger and PR Girl for The Watch Hut, the UK’s largest watch website. Steph is a keen beauty and fashion addict, and also a bride to be herself, so anything to do with weddings is always of great interest to her! Connect with Steph on Twitter

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  1. I was a winter bride! Pops of color really do work for any season~

    always, koru kate