A Happy Update....finally!

As many of you might know, this spring we realized that our little blog had been hacked and that all of our content was being filtered word for word onto another blog. No sooner than we would post absolutely anything, a very nasty copycat would have all of our hard work up on their blog in a matter of minutes, credited to their name of course.
At first we thought that we could take it in stride, learn to live with it as they say but as you can imagine our feelings of anger and helplessness continued to grow, along with our frustratation with the bigwigs like Blogger, Google, etc., since we repeatedly tried to reached out to them for help in the matter to no avail.
We never actually received any response from any of them other than to tell us that if it really mattered that much to us, we should hire an attorney but since the copycat was a virtual phantom with a Blogger profile that went nowhere (how does that happen?), we figured that one can't fight someone or something they can't actually identify. Our problem seemed to be one that we couldn't do a thing about and as our feelings of unhappiness about this blatant plagiarism grew, our desire to produce original and interesting content started to wane as you could probably tell from the lack of posts lately.
Until now...
We are thrilled to say that the little copycat has been stopped for now, that their site has been taken down and with a renewed sense of excitement, we will be back bright and early tomorrow morning with something fresh for all of our wonderful friends and readers who never stopped encouraging us during trying situation.
Thank you...


  1. H O R R A Y !!!! What wonderful news!

  2. A Crimson Kiss,
    you took the words right out of my mouth!!

  3. YAY! Goodness prevails :-)

    always, koru kate

  4. Wow. I had no idea that kind of "plagiarism" could happen. I'm so glad they have been shut down. Looking forward to more wonderfulness from you!

  5. So happy to hear that! You have been missed.

    warmly, Kathleen

  6. Good news!
    How did you discover the copy cat in the first place and perhaps you could tell us how you stopped them. It is something that bloggers might benefit from knowing.
    Look forward to more wonderful posts.
    I thought you were on summer vacation!

  7. HotHB,
    I stumbled across the site during a Google search! Just by luck, instead of typing what I was looking for, I mistakenly typed in 'Lily Lemontree' and as I strolled through the links that the name was associated with (just because I was bored!), I happened upon the site. Can you believe it?? Your suggestion has inspired me to share! I had really lost all my desire to continue with the blog but I am glad it didn't come to that! I would have missed you all way too much!!