AT THE TABLE: Beating the Heat with Our Top 5 Popsicle Treats

We admit it...we spent the last few months complaining about the frigid weather we had to endure for what felt like forever but come now Mother Nature, the heat wave that hit the Greater Toronto Area last week must have made up for all of our gripping!
Humidex temperatures of over 42 Celsius (that's 107 Fahrenheit!) were the norm for 5 straight days last week and we tried just about anything we could think of to keep our cool and stay hydrated.
(Kudos to our Southern readers who deal with this kind of weather on a regular basis!)
One of our favorite tricks for battling the heat wave, homemade popsicles, came courtesy of a blast from the past. While lounging around, strategically placed as close to any air conditioning vent that would have me, I remembered the fun I had as a kiddie (many, many moons ago) making our very own popsicles at home and how nothing ever tasted better. Cue the flashback and I knew that a tasty popsicle would be the only thing to hit the spot and keep my kids busy and away from the electronic zombie-makers (ie. iPod, iPad, i-Anything) that have become glued to their hands!
Back in the stone ages our form of DIY popsicle involved an ice cube tray, toothpicks and a pitcher of Tang (what did you expect, it was the '70s) but since we have evolved into the sophisticated creatures that we are, we've ditched the ice tray and Tang and spotted 5 modern (and super yummy) takes on the popsicle!


Grapefruit and Strawberry Greyhound Poptail

Cantaloupe Popsicles

Rootbeer Float Pops

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  1. ooo those all look so good! i need to find a new popsicle mold. all the ones i have are kids sized!

  2. Rootbeer float pops! They all look amazing actually!

  3. These look yummy!!!!

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  4. They look and sound delicious. And a good size too, just what I need on the hot hot days.