NOTES TO SELF : Five Things To Do In June (06.13)

WATCH : STORIES WE TELL ~ We might be a little partial to our fellow Canuck, actor/director Sarah Polley but patriotic favouritism aside, her latest foray into filmmaking, Stories We Tell is an intriguing look at one family's riddled history, that family being Sarah's very own with her late mother playing a central role.
Digging deeper into the Polley family's story, she uncovers the whispered secrets that her mother and others kept, interviewing family members, her mother's friends, acquaintances and acting colleagues to get to the truth about who Sarah really was, a truth that was hinted to and hidden for many years.
Watch the trailer here!
EAT : MEYER LEMON COFFEE CAKE It shouldn't be  surprising that the lemon is a sacred fruit around here and since we are of the mind frame that every weekend should be celebrated with cake, streamers and champagne, when we stumbled upon Baked Bree and her sweet but citrus-y take on breakfast, the Meyer Lemon Coffee Cake became one of our fav go-to's no matter the time, day or place!
READ : HOUSE OF TURQUOISE We knew that we couldn't be the only ones who were in total love with the soothing blue-green shades of the Mediterranean, and only in our dreams did we think that there would be an entire blog dedicated to a juicy hue like turquoise but our dreams became reality when we came across the visual eye candy that is House of Turquoise featuring all the magnificent ways it can be used throughout our homes. Click and be inspired!
DRINK : WATERMELON MINT LIMEADE No one could ever accuse us of being teetotallers but sometimes a beverage is so delightfully refreshing with nary a drop of the spirit that you don't mind doing without when happy hour hits! We spotted this  Watermelon Mint Limeade at A Crimson Kiss. We know you will be pleading "Hit us again, barkeep"!
TRY : BEACHY WAVES The sunshine has found its way back to us once again and nothing says summer fun like a mane of cascading waves, courtesy of a day at the beach. For those of us who don't have the sun and surf at our daily disposal, fake that 'day at the beach' look with a cascade of loose waves! Start with wet hair and spray generously with a salt-water styling spray from the crown to mid way down you hair. Work the spray down to the ends with your fingers (we love Bumble & Bumble's Surf Spray). If your hair is coarse or frizzy, apply a curl cream to get a separated, piece-y look. Let your hair air dry or if you are in a pinch for time, blow-dry your hair on a medium heat setting with a diffuser attachment, blowing the air from the bottom upwards, on a medium force setting to avoid the frizzies.
SHOP : MY-WARDROBE Sales like the one going on right now at (like up to 1/2 off cool girl  favs like Camilla Skovgaard, Carven and Malene Birger to name a few!) don't come around very often so click on the link and run, don't walk! Trust us and you'll be glad you did!

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  1. Dearest Anastasia,
    Wishing you a lovely week ahead!

  2. Mariette,
    the sun seems like it is here to stay for the week so it has already started off on a lovely note!
    Hope you have a super week as well!