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Good afternoon kittens!
The sun is finally shining like a jewel in the sky so get out there this weekend and enjoy the warm breezes but save a few minutes to check out these super links we have found that are must-reads!
Have a marvellous weekend!

Would you ever guess this shabby chic condo was once a mattress factory?

A little Mother's Day brunch know it's just around the corner.

REISS, the Duchess of Cambridge's go to for all those darling dresses she wears, is having a sale!
30% off selected womens shoes, bags and accessories at Ends Monday.

What I wouldn't do to have a sun-filled spot like this in my house!

It was love at first sight when we spotted this espadrille.

Celebrate Cinco de Mayo (or any other day) with a coconut creamsicle Margarita.

Our latest Pinterest board for the shoe lover.

The Dutch crowned a new king this week and all the royal chic ladies were out in full force!

What will you do when Google Reader dissappears? Our newest (and favorite!) alternative RSS reader.
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  1. A coconut creamsicle margarita sounds just divine–happy weekend!

  2. Lovely links Anastasia and thank you for the reminder to switch from Google reader pronto!
    Have a lovely weekend Sweets x

  3. Lena,
    we don't celebrate Cinco de Mayo here in Canada but I will pretend I am Mexican for a coconut creamsicle margarita!

  4. Vanessa,
    I panicked when Google announced they were shutting down Reader but luckily I found Feedly which transfers all your feeds from Google at the click of a button and I love the layout!
    Have a super weekend!

  5. Wishing you a fabulous week-end my friend. I have been in the city this past week .. and the weather was great for enjoying some patio time in Yorkville. Now it's back to the country where the gardens are calling ..perhaps that coconut creamsicle Magarita will do the trick. Lookng forward to catching up on some bloggging stuff... Thanks for sharing these fabulous sounding links!! Happy week-end .. hugs, C. (HHL)