1. BLACK.CO.UK Cocktail Gloves     2. SUGAR 'Petal' Lip Treatment
3. DOROTHY PERKINS Pencil Skirt     4. TED BAKER Bow Swimsuit     5. REISS 'Laurel' Tie-Waist Top
6. JOAN WICKERSHAM The News from Spain     7. SOPHIE HULME Leather Tote
8. REISS 'Lunata' Dress     9. TED BAKER 'Charee' ballet flats

As luck would have it, our little copycat seems to be a tad harder to shoo away than we had originally anticipated but while we battle the invisible blogging menace, we've had to make a few temporary changes to our pages, namely the jump breaks you will start seeing in our posts and our RSS feed.
We would never want to make things any harder for our lovely readers to enjoy what we have to share but for the temporary future, we will have to ask all of you dears to click into the 'read more' links you will see popping up here and there.
And just because we have been busy trying to figure out how to eradicate the copycat, doesn't mean we didn't keep our eyes open for a few of our fav lovelies to share with you below!


  1. The News from Spain looks really good. I normally don't love stories but am going to try this set. I am almost finished with Tout Sweet which I won through your giveaway. Thank you!

    Good luck getting rid of your blog thief! How disturbing.

  2. Great choices... perfect for the spring temps that will soon be here.

  3. Lovely pieces!
    I just found some new shirts...

  4. What a wonderful round up! Hope the new formatting helps keep away your copycat!