STYLE ON TRIAL: The White Pump

Style on Trial:: The White Pump


In fashion, the old saying that 'what goes around, comes around' rings absolutely true, regardless of whether we are ready for it or not.
I was not ready for the return of the white pump.
But ready or not, back they are in all their glory, insisting on their place in our closets this year!
As a teenager in the 80's, I saw my fair share of white pumps and had vowed that they would never find their way back onto my feet again but for an event this past weekend, after a wee bit of convincing from a very chic friend, I swallowed my resistance and slipped on a pair of pointy-toed white stilettos, all while trying to stop the flashbacks in my head of senior prom, neon coloured leggings, rubber bracelets and really big hair. My initial hesitation was only made worse by the fact that yes, I follow the old rule of no white shoes before a certain date (I'm funny like that!) and since I don't normally go in for all the trendy hullabaloo  I was a little surprised that I was so repulsed and yet so drawn to them at the same time. Since regret has no place in the life (and closet) of Lily Lemontree, I took the sartorial plunge, ate a mouthful of crow and while I struggled to get it down, a spoonful of sugar (in the form of a dozen or so compliments) made it so much easier to stylishly digest!
The white pump has been seen all over since it recently reared its bright head in all the glossies calling out its revival this Spring season and gracing the feet of all the chic celebrities but today we ask you, the style mavens and fashionistas of the real world...will the white pump find its way back into your closets and onto your feet this season??

DIANE KRUGER // Christian Louboutin     JESSICA ALBA // Christian Louboutin
ZOE SALDANA // Casadei     BLAKE LIVELY // Bottega Veneta     ROSE BYRNE // Lanvin


  1. Hmm, pure glossy white pump- probably not. However, the white pumps with the gold studs are catching my eye :-)

    always, koru kate

  2. I have never been into white shoes for some odd reason.

  3. At the moment it's not on my wish list.A fashionista on a budget must also be practical: after wearing it once a white pump will loose its shine with any scratch or imperfection showing up. Never say never though.... Lots of love Coco

  4. I have a pair of 40's-inspired d'Orsays I absolutely adore, no matter whether or not white pumps are fashionable that spring!