Mimi Weddell

Did you know...

1. She was born Marion Rogers on February 15, 1915 in Williston, North Dakota.
2. She began modelling and acting at the age of 65, after the death of her husband, when she realized something had to be done about the large debt she had inherited.
3. She was such a stunning subject of fascination to anyone who came in contact with her, so much so that director Jyll Johnson spent 12 years intermittently filming Mimi living life, culminating in a film titled 'Hats Off', that was released in 2008.
4. Although she has played numerous roles in films and the theatre, she is most recognized for playing the part of Stanford Blatch's ultra-elegant grandmother in the television series 'Sex and the City'.
5. In 2005, at the age of 90, she was voted as one of "The Most Beautiful New Yorkers" by New York Magazine.

To learn more about the divinely chic Mimi Weddell, Lily Lemontree recommends "Hat's Off".
View the trailer below!

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  1. What a beautiful and fantastical character she is! I loved her trailer and just fascinating that she started at age of 65 ... amazing, quite the intriguing woman! Have a wonderful weekend lovely! xo

    SANDY M Illustration

  2. Sandy,
    wasn't she just divine!! A true inspiration to those of us who fear ageing and losing our edge!!