It's been over a week since that horrid little Nemo blew into town and there is still 2 feet of shovelled snow outside my window that won't go away because of the darn cold! 
I am convinced a tiny vacation is just the remedy that is needed at a time like this but since there is no chance of an escape till about the middle of March, I will have to do with a daydream or two about the beach, the surf and sun. 
In my mind, I am already there!

1. ALTERNA Summer Ocean Waves     2. NANCY SCHOENBERGER Dangerous Muse
3. SENSI STUDIO Bag     4. CHANCE Boatneck     5. ABYSS & HABIDECOR Ibiza Towel
6. MIU MIU Swimsuit     7. ALEX MONROE Bumblebee Necklace
8. ESSIE Barbados Blue     9. JACK ROGERS Classic Navajo

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