NOTES TO SELF : Five Things To Do In February (02.13)

WATCH: Mama - Being a child of the '70s, the quintessential decade for horror movies, I have a thing for films that can scare you into a cold sweat and make your pulse race. I always welcome an evening well spent with the likes of Jason, Freddie or old Mike Myers so a few weeks ago when I was catching the season finale of 'American Horror Story' (the only reason to stay home on a Wednesday night!) I glimpsed at a clip for what promises to be a new favourite. 'Mama' tells the tale of two sisters left alone in the woods to fend for themselves. Found and brought back to society, they are taken in by their uncle but unfortunately for all involved, they did not come back alone. Watch the trailer here!

EAT: Lobster Risotto with Saffron and Haricot Vert - No Italian meal is complete without a little taste of risotto, a creamier version of the side standby rice, that commands your attention while preparing but pays off ten-fold in the taste department! Boulder Locavore, a site devoted to culinary delights, features a scrumptious take on risotto, incorporating lobster in the mix to offer even the most discriminating palettes a decadent dish that certainly will impress!

READ: Suri's Burn Book - With a couture wardrobe as extensive as hers, little Suri Cruise knows a thing or two about style so how could she not comment on the fashionable comings and goings of her Tinseltown contemporaries? That must have been the reasoning behind blogger Allie Hagan's decision to take over Suri's Cruise sartorial mouthpiece and entertain us with her comical take on the life (and mostly the closets) of the privileged offspring that make La La Land their home. Suri's musings have become such a hit (and if you hop over to Allie's blog you will see why!) that a namesake book is in bookstores and is in hot circulation.
In need of a daily chuckle, then don't miss Suri's Burn Book!

DRINK: Grapefruit Bourbon Sour - After dinner, nothing satisfies like a fab cocktail! Since I've researched this subject extensively, I have sampled all kinds of libations and the ones that seem to stick with me are drinks that are bit on the tart side. I found this bourbon variation of the Sour at Cocktail Remedy, a super blog for anyone who deems themselves a cocktail connoisseur like yours truly! Cheers!

TRY: How to Look Good on Video - With bloggers journaling their every move through platforms like Tumblr and Instagram, what could be next to separate you from the virtual crowd? Video blogging or vlogging is quickly becoming an important tool for bloggers big and small and this clip from Daily Candy will give you a few pointers on how to look your best when the camera is rolling. Alright Mr. DeMille, we're ready for our close-up!

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  1. I love, love American Horror Story so I will definitely check out Mama. Have a great weekend!

    always, koru kate

  2. Oh your header is really beautiful, I'm obsessed with scripts/fonts just now. Oh I love American Horror too, so I'll also check out Mama - fright night all round!

  3. I'm not a fan of horror stories...creepy. I'm intrigued by Suri but not sure how I feel about the whole fashion indulgence at that age, I worry about all the attention as she gets older and turns into another Lindsey Lohan. That grapefruit sour sounds delish!

  4. Hi darling! Hope all is well in Lily land ;) I've been so busy, the weeks just FLY by. Oh my gosh, you're brave. I've always loved getting scared too but something's happened in the last few years and I feel myself changing ... if it gets toooooo scary ... I get toooooo scared! lol I agree, I loved last season of American Horror Story in the spooky house but I haven't stuck with it this season as much because it felt kind of depressing to me down in the dark crazy hospital! haha And I've seen the ads on tv for Mama and it DOES look VERY SCARY ... maybe I'll have to grab my bff and make lunch and watch it together so if I get too scared I won't feel like Mama is walking in the back door ;) My husband doesn't like the scary stuff so I can never watch it with him! The Suri book looks fun! Have a wonderful weekend, sweet! xo S

    SANDY M Illustration

  5. That lobster risotto looks beyond delicious–happy weekend!

  6. I would love to see that film, but I am such a light-weight I know I would spend half the time hiding behind a cushion with Hubs giving me a running commentary of what I am missing ;-)
    Have a lovely weekend Lily xx