WHAT SHE SAID: Julianne Moore

"Appreciate where you are. It was Nora Ephron who said that you'll hate yourself in a bikini now, but in 10 years you''ll look back and think, wow, I looked fantastic. 
When you're a kid, you're always wishing you were older, and when you're old, you're always wishing you were younger. 
The best thing is not to wish your life away at either end, because it's gone in a second."

Julianne Moore
(as quoted in The Sunday Times)

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  1. Just beautiful–and so perfectly said.

  2. Lena,
    she is such a doll! I was so moved when I read it, I couldn't get it out of my head. We should repeat this to ourselves daily!

  3. So, so true. I remember cringing to be in photos fifteen years ago thinking I was too this or that and now I look at the photos and think what the h*ll was I thinking! When I'm eighty I'll look back and think "dang, I looked young at 50, 60 70." Really, what are we waiting for? For the clock to start spinning backwards? Not gonna happen. :)

  4. Wow! so beautifully said and so true. A great reminder to just live "mindfully" day to day :-)