THE CHARMING ONES: Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
(Carolyn Jeane Bessette)

Did you know...

 1. She was born on January 7, 1966 in White Plains, New York.
2. She was named as the 'Ultimate Beautiful Person' in her St. Mary's High School yearbook.
3. Although she and John F. Kennedy Jr. were both Catholic, they married in a tiny Baptist chapel on Cumberland Island, Georgia to avoid the media as best as they could. The newly married Kennedy couple flew off to Istanbul, Turkey to celebrate their honeymoon.
4. She graduated from Boston University of Education in 1988 with a degree in elementary education but shortly after graduating, chose a job as a salesperson for Calvin Klein. It has long been rumored that Calvin Klein's former wife Kelly, orchestrated the meeting between Carolyn and John F. Kennedy Jr.

To learn more about the iconic Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy, Lily Lemontree recommends What Remains: A Memoir of Fate, Friendship, and Love by Carole Radziwill


  1. She's a real icon!
    Life is so weird and so short, too short for someones.

  2. She was such a beauty! Would have loved to see them grow older and to see their beautiful children.

  3. Such a beauty! It's so tragic that she is gone way too soon.

  4. Such a beautiful lady - and couple. How lovely it would have been to see them now.

  5. Dearest Anastasia,
    They were a lovely couple but fate did end this short lived romance...
    Hugs to you,