The chill has started to temporarily ease off in Toronto (I stress the word 'temporarily' since it will only last for a couple more days) and an 'Escape Hibernation' celebration with a private firework show was in the works over the weekend.
Many thanks to our hosts who lit up the sky all in the name of banishing the winter blues!
Since that evening, our thoughts have started to wander to things a little lighter, a little more spring-like if you will (which I believe was exactly the point!).
Rosy hues and florals are just destined to perk up the winter spirits (mind over matter my friends!) so we have surrounded ourselves with hints of pink that can't miss!

1. JIMMY CHOO Suede Sandals     2. TED BAKER 'Garnia' Orchid Print Parka
3. VICTORIA BECKHAM Dress     4. ISHARYA Earrings     5. VIONNET Draped Georgette Dress
6. WENDY LAWLESS Chanel Bonfire     7. JACAVA 'Pink Whisper'
8. VALENTINO 'The Rockstud' Clutch     9. JIMMY CHOO 'Biel' Patent Wedges


  1. Sounds like an incredible weekend–and I love this roundup!

  2. What a fabulous idea for a January blues busting party!!! I love these choices you are sharing especially the Jimmy Choo suede sandals ... Enjoy the warmer temps..Xo C. (HHL)