This morning the Greater Toronto Area was blasted with some wicked cold weather (and unfortunately it will be sticking around for at least a week so bundle up Toronto!) but luckily I got in a super fun weekend before the deep chill set in.
A divine Saturday night dinner at The Saint Tavern (a must-visit when in Toronto, food and service were beyond marvellous!)  followed by an amusing performance of 'Avenue Q' at the Lower Ossington Theatre, made ever more delightful when I happened upon one delish cocktail at The Saint! One of my very favourite daily reads, A Crimson Kiss, featured the 'Aviation' cocktail on Friday morning and while I spent the rest of the day trying to source some 'crème de violette' to mix up a drinky or two, I came up empty-handed. How amused was I when I saw it listed as a featured cocktail at The Saint!
I took it as a sign of fate and just had to try it out, all in the name of research of course!
I can now say with conviction that it will definitely be worth my new search for the elusive 'crème de violette'!
Sunday was spent quietly at home, nursing a smidge of a headache due to my Saturday night 'research' but the Lemontree kiddos were more than sweet and so excited to play a little game called 'who can be mummy's quietest helper', giving me plenty of opportunity to rest and recuperate, ready to battle Mother Nature and her boy Jack Frost this week!
But now tell me-what fun did you have this weekend?

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous week-end! and will keep The Saint Tavern in mind the next time we are at our home in city. I love how we sacrifice for research ;)

    I had to smile when I read 'who can be mummy's quietest helper' I use to play the "quiet" game with my friend's children ... when they became too loud .. The Quiet game was about seeing how long they could go without saying a word (it was a guaranteed 60 minutes or so of quietness) Until one day - at age 8 - my friend's son - after I suggested we play the quiet game - turns to me and says "Auntie C. I must be talking too much" Busted - the Quiet Game came to and end.

    How gorgeous are those Hunter Boots!!! Wishing you a great week - stay warm .. it's cold out there..xo HHL

  2. HHL,
    you will love The Saint, food was amazing and you couldn't ask for more with the atmosphere!

    I think many of us will admit to playing 'The Quiet Game', I am sure my 9 year old will catch on soon! She kind of looked at me funny when I looked up from under my ice pack to 'enthusiastically' suggest that it was the best game in the world! :)

  3. Lovely post. Well here in London we were snowed in too. After 12 years living in Spain, it was a real shock to the system-but I loved it.
    I spent the weekend doing wonderful wintery things; cooking comfort food, baking, reading by the fire and watching some great series on the TV that Hubs records for me during the week. Very chilled (excuse the pun ;-)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend–and I love this sunny roundup of goodies during a cold spell! My weekend highlight was actually dinner Monday evening–we had a late lunch, so when we got a little peckish, we made a cheese plate complete with quince paste, almonds and dried figs. It was heavenly!