NOTES TO SELF : Five Things To Do In January (01.13)

WATCH:'This is 40'- I have had a slight crush on Paul Rudd for a long time and never miss a chance to catch whatever he is in but when I heard a few months back that he was teaming with director Judd Apatow (another super fav of mine!) and Leslie Mann, I had to mark this film's release date in my calendar. Having now seen this beyond hilarious movie, I can't stress enough to run, run, run to your local cinema and prepare yourself to laugh like a maniac! Click on the link above to watch the trailer!

LEARN:The Brazilian manicure - Brazilian women are known for their well-kept hands and I recently spotted an article in Allure outlining the way they get their nails perfectly polished. Armed with a pair of super sharp cuticle scissors that they use to clean up any trace of stray cuticle, they proceed to paint not just the nail but the skin around it as well, getting as close to the edge of your nail as can be. A few swipes around the nail with an orange stick whose end has been wrapped tightly with a piece of stretched out cotton ball that has been saturated in polish remover and voila, a mani that is supposed to last forever!
READ: Paris in Four Months - In 2012, Carin Olsson packed her bags and bid goodbye to her Swedish friends and family for a four month sabbatical in Paris. Little did she know that after her return to Stockholm, she would miss the City of Lights so much that she decided to move back at the end of the year. I am absolutely smitten with her blog and visit almost everyday for a touch of Paris through the eyes of one adventurous young lady!

EAT: Peppermint Fudge - I am positive that I can't be the only one who has had just about enough of all the leftover holiday candy canes at this point but since I hate to throw them out, I have found the perfect way to utilize all their peppermint goodness! Fudge is a relatively simple recipe to master and the version I found at 'A Spicy Perspective' seems easy peasy, even for candy making novices like yours truly!

DRINK: Spiced Cranberry Prosecco - I am crazy for cranberries and at this time of the year they are in such abundance that I try to sneak them in everywhere, especially my drinks! A bottle of bubbly Prosecco (the Italian version of Champagne) is always within arms length in our home so this cocktail recipe at Heather Christo Cooks caught my eye immediately. This delish cocktail is such a hit that it was featured in 'InStyle' magazine last December!

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  1. Dear Anastasia I am very excited to start your list of goodness for january! The book recommendation is at the top of my list!

    Art by Karena

  2. This collection of goodies is genius–and your new read is now mine, too!

  3. Great list. Can't wait to work my way through it :)

  4. Thank you so so much for the very sweet mention :) I truly appreciate it and I'm so happy you like the blog!

    All my best,