TRENDS F/W 2012: Warming up to Fingerless Gloves

This morning's school run was greeted by a sharp winter chill, not that I should complain too much, it could be a lot worse (there is a reason they call Canada the Great White North!)
Since the importance of keeping our hands protected in such cold weather has been permanently ingrained into my very core (one too many winters with hands that could rival red lobster claws will do that to you), I always keep a pair of gloves in my pockets but that was not to be today. While I won't name names, I have a feeling a certain 8 year old must have gone searching for something she just couldn't live without and accidentally pulled out my gloves (found them just where I assumed they had fallen). Unfortunately, all my superb detective work really didn't help me a stitch while I was out, all I could do was curl my hands into my sleeves (I know, how chic!) and try to make it as painless as possible. Oblivious to the fact that she was the cause for her mother's icy claws, my daughter (who has blossomed into quite a clotheshorse lately, having developed a mini obsession with accessories, gloves in particular-a chip off the block I might add) offered up a one of the numerous pairs of gloves she stashes away near her seat.
Of course, grabbing them quickly I didn't realize that they were fingerless gloves until I had actually put them on.

Without hesitation a "Hello Michael Jackson" slipped out of my mouth as I inspected them on my hands, which my daughter responded to with a "Who's the Jackson guy momma? Is he your friend?" Of course it was much to early this morning to explain to her how old her mother really is and who my Jackson friend was, I was in a rush to warm up my frozen paws!

Colour me surprised, I loved them!
Not only did they keep my hands warm and allow me to drive without taking a detour on to the sidewalk (don't judge, you know those steering wheels can get awfully slippery when your hands are covered in mini sweaters!) but I got a handful (pun intended) of compliments on my gloves one went as far as to say, I looked like I had walked off a page in a magazine. (Needless to say, I have now taken permanent ownership of the gloves.)
Now how is that for starting your day!
What is your take on the fingerless glove trend?
Is it a yay or nay this season?

TRENDS F/W 2012: Warming up to Fingerless Gloves



  1. Dearest Anastasia,
    The fingerless gloves are already for decades a favorite of mine! I have knitted them for my Stepdaugther Liz when we were still in The Netherlands. They are so handy if you need to search through a book or if you want to use your cell phone; whatever. So they did make a come-back and it is a good thing!
    Hugs to you and have a happy weekend.

  2. Mariette,
    I always assumed they wouldn't keep my hands warm enough but I was proven wrong! I never realized how often I actually take my gloves off, like you mentioned, to use the phone or look for something in my purse.
    I have been converted!!