The Shoe Journals: Tales of the Well-Dressed Foot (08/15)

Dear Diary,
     I am so looking forward to this weekend for one major reason-no kiddie birthday parties! I have had my fill of jungle gyms, trampolines and water slides, almost every weekend has been taken up by at least one birthday party of one little friend or another. Last weekend though was a bit of a treat since the little girl's birthday party was held at a tween spa. Yes you heard right, the young party-goers were treated to a delightful afternoon of manis, pedis and lip gloss making, I have never seen so many sweet smiles in one room!
    The mom that was hosting the party is one stunning lady, always immaculately dressed and always with a sweet pair of shoes on her well-tended feet. Mothers tend to get a little bit of a bad rap, what with the 'mom jeans' and the uniform of yoga pants and Uggs they are rumoured to sport on a daily basis so it does the stylish heart some good to see moms like the one pictured below who make the effort to never lose their chic selves while tending to their little ones. When I asked the mother of three what was one of her keys to always looking fabulous, she said without hesitation that a great pair of shoes always makes her feel wonderful and can change the look of an ordinary outfit into something extraordinary!

SHOES Town Shoes (similar here and here)

What fun have you and your 'well-dressed foot' been up to this summer?
Lily Lemontree is inviting bloggers and readers to submit their very own 'Shoe Journal' entry along with at least 3 high-res images of their well-dressed feet.
(Blogger entries will be linked to their site so please include your URL information)
And if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, we are snapping pics of well-dressed feet all over the city, you could be next so keep your shoes and toes polished to perfection!
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  2. LOVE wedges! They look comfy too!
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  3. Dearest Anastasia,

    That indeed is lovely if you meet with a young woman that keeps up with great pedicure and wears nice, stylish shoes!
    Hugs to you,


  4. Aww that's such a cool idea! I'd love to enter a shoe diary entry but a lot of the time mine just sit on my windowsill with me drooling over them! You can never beat a good pair of shoes! XxxX

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