The Shoe Journals: Tales of the Well-Dressed Foot (07/18)

Dear Diary,
         the heat has made me lazier than usual, especially around dinnertime! I seem to be doing anything I can to avoid my usual 5:00pm rendezvous with the old pots and pans. Last night was no exception but how lucky did I get when my husband arrived home and announced there was something new he wanted to try grilling (absolutely scrumptious Curried Pork and Cheddar Hot Dogs which will be posted later today)I am positive my neighbours down the block could hear my squeals of  'Hallelujah'!
He had already picked up everything he needed and the last words I heard were "I've got everything under control tonight" before I mixed myself a little drink, slipped on my new Converse skimmers and ran outside faster than you can blink!

                                                                                                             The Well-Dressed Foot

SHOES Converse
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What fun have you and your 'well-dressed foot' been up to this summer?
Lily Lemontree is inviting bloggers and readers to submit their very own 'Shoe Diary' entry along with shoe info and at least 3 high-res images of their well-dressed feet.
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And if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, we are snapping pics of well-dressed feet all over the city, you could be next so keep your shoes and toes polished to perfection!
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