In Love With.....JoJo Loves You

Last week, my little girl took another step towards not being such a little girl anymore.
She got her ears pierced.
And since then, she has become obsessed with anything shiny and sparkly that she can attach to those pretty little earlobes of hers!
You know that saying, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree? Well, the Lemontree ladies are living proof of that! I remember being the same way when I got my ears pierced and come to think of it, I still am. I can gaze for hours at fab little baubles meant to grace our ears, which is just what I did this week when I came across a marvellous site called JoJo Loves You.

The most adorable earrings in every colour of the rainbow, definitely something to tickle everyone's fancy!

My daughter and I couldn't keep up with all our ooh's and aah's over these darling baubles especially when we came across these Clear Party Bling lovelies that just so happened to look very similar to the earrings the Duchess of Cambridge wore awhile back while watching her prince play polo!

(The mere mention of Kate Middleton's name around here and you are golden, she has not stopped talking about the princess' earrings for days!)

And if looking like a princess isn't enough for you, the ever so lovely Bostonians over at JoJo Loves You are having their awesome Annual Memorial Day Sale going on right as we speak.
The sale runs till Monday, May 28, 2012 so head on over there asap and toast the long weekend with a new pair of pretties!
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  1. These are adorable! Look like something I wore when I first got my ears pierced. :)
    Have a beautiful weekend!