AT THE TABLE: Banana and Cream Cheese S'Mores

Sometimes the simplest of things can enrich our lives in ways that you couldn't imagine, as was the case this weekend when we were treated to these delectable (and easy peasy) s'mores at a friend's gathering over the weekend. You might be thinking that s'mores are nothing new, so how come all the excitement over some marshmallows and graham crackers?
To say that they were so delish that they bowled over even the snobbiest of s'mores connoisseurs (that would be my better half who actually used the word 'divine' as he dug into one!) would only begin to tell you why this is being shared with you today but what really made an impression on me a few nights ago in my friends backyard were the kiddies that seemed to come to life in the heat of late twilight over a makeshift fire and s'mores. These children, mine included, had spent the majority of the evening with their heads hunched over, staring expressionless into the tiny handheld gadgets they carried around with them, barely making any verbal contact with anyone, save the occasional comment to each other about the game they were playing. The adults, who had started to congregate outside, some by the edge of the pool, others around a gorgeous fire pit that our friends were christening that night, engaged in parental mumbling about their children not enjoying the outdoors like they used to many moons ago and that they had given up trying to 'breathe some life into them' like one dad proclaimed.
And then a funny thing happened.
As we started to talk less of the trials of parenthood and more about 'remember when we used to do this' and 'wow, I almost forgot about that night', the evening's hostess brought out a tray with all the ingredients to make this s'mores recipe she had found while reading the daily paper earlier that week. As we worked on our s'mores in that wonderful warm evening breeze, the scent of melted marshmallow and gooey chocolate started to waft into the house through the screen doors and windows. One by one, the young zombies that we had brought with us started to drop the iPhones, DSi's and what have you for- now hold on to your seats- the company of their parents and a little caveman-like entertainment in front of the fire. All of them, from toddler to teen, came outside, sat down, grabbed a waiting s'more and simply enjoyed themselves. Finally, smiles and chuckles from children who I had kidded earlier about losing the muscles in their faces to actually make an expression. The older ones eventually took over the s'mores prep, talking about the last time they had made s'mores last summer while the littler ones, all jacked up on marshmallow and chocolate by this point, rolled around on the grass and laughed at the adults and each other.
As much as I love all the bubbly and Jimmy Choo's that this delightful life has to offer, nothing could compare to the genuine enjoyment and fun we had seeing these kids come back to life on a quiet Saturday night and all it took was the simple s'more you see below calling their name.

Banana and Cream Cheese S'mores

2/3 cup of cream cheese (160 ml)
8 graham crackers
2/3 cup mini marshmallows
2/3 cup bittersweet chocolate chips
1 banana, sliced into mini wheels

Pre-heat your grill to medium heat.
Use a large square of aluminum foil with a square of parchment paper on top to keep the s'mores from sticking. Spread cream cheese onto graham crackers. Garnish with mini-marshmallows, chocolate chips and bananas. Place in center of parchment. Fold sides of foil over s'mores to create a little tent and press firmly to secure. Tightly seal mini tent at ends to create a pouch and cook on grill for about 5-7 minutes. Open foil tent and continue to cook until marshmallows turn a pale golden brown.

Fortnum and Mason


  1. Snap! We were camping this weekend. The Nintendo DS has been removed from the clutches of 9 yr old son for a while but he'd somehow managed to get it back again and sat around speechless pressing buttons and either being delighted or deflated with whatever game he was playing. Then once the marshmallows and all the other s'mores gear appeared he sprang to life, taking control, helping his sister toast hers. The campfire drew him in and he became the outdoor boy that he loves to be.

    Love this new take on s'mores. Definitely save this one for the next camping trip.

  2. Oh my goodness! Delicious! Definitely making those with the kids sometime very soon!!!

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