The In's And Out's Of Riding An Elevator

While waiting to board an elevator, stand at least two steps away from the elevator doors. People exiting the elevator should always be given the opportunity to exit first before you try to board.

If the elevator you are boarding is not crowded, upon entering, position yourself as close as possible to a wall or corner, giving all riders an ample personal buffer zone.
If the elevator you are boarding is crowded, do your best to quickly find a space for yourself without imposing too much upon the other passengers space. Keep any boxes, baggage or parcels you are carrying close to your body, making sure to the best of your ability that they are not touching anyone else.

If you happen to find yourself standing near the button panel, be courteous and offer to press the floor button for other passengers who might not have a clear reach to the panel.

Do be considerate to someone running to catch the elevator by holding the door for them and extend that same consideration to parents with strollers, pregnant ladies and the elderly.

Refrain from talking on your cell-phone and do your best to monitor your conversation. No one needs to know the ins and outs of every personal detail of your life and cursing or foul language is inappropriate in such close quarters.
Any eye contact should be kept to a minimum. Staring at strangers in such close proximity could be construed as very intrusive and make other passengers uncomfortable.


  1. When I was still worthy of being employed, I was stuck in the elevator with the CEO and his henchman, who were visiting Memphis from the New York office. We arrived at my floor. The door opened. I stepped forward, but the 6'4" henchman nearly ran me over as he rushed to get out of the elevator first.

    I stared in astonishment, as I had become very accustomed to How Things Are Done in The South.

    The CEO shook his head in dismay. He was from Alabama. He gestured for me to step out ahead of him.

    None of that saved me from being laid off a few years later, though.

  2. I would also add, let ladies depart from the elevator first.

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