ANSWERING THE TELEPHONE :: Mrs. Lemontree's Guide on How to Behave Here, There and Everywhere

When answering the telephone, greet the caller with a simple and polite "hello". Try not to start your verbal interaction with something abrupt like "yes", "yeah" "go" or "who's this". (yes, I have been on the other end of a call that was answered with this last one!) Along the same line, this is usually not the time to take a stab at stand-up
Speak clearly and with a smile on your face. You might not think that your facial expression matters when the caller can't see your face but our voices can unintentionally relay our emotions, good or bad. You wouldn't greet someone face to face with a scowl or frown and you shouldn't do it when answering the phone either. 


  1. Telephone etiquette is so important. I can't tell you how many times I hang up from speaking with a customer service rep and think to myself how rude the person on the other end of the line was.

  2. And, please don't walk / drive around with your ear glued to your cell phone.

    These people are so anoying. You really cannot walk around, shop, drive, etc, and pay enough attention to your 'task' to avoid being a general nusance to those around you.

  3. Dearest Anastasia,

    Very well phrased and to this day, coming from the Old World, it is hard for us for not saying our name but instead 'Hello'... But you are right, we get so many phone calls from sales people that just are rude. What also bothers me that they call always at the nap-time of my husband (since his open heart surgery he's supposed to take a nap) or either at supper time... Being a bit more considerate would go a long way too.


  4. Thank you for these lessons/ someone to whom manners have always been important and who worked hard to instill them in my now grown children i continue to be amazed the lack of manners used by so many so much of the time. Phone etiquette seems to have gotten lost as more and more people are on the phone at any time and in any circumstance.