Notable Notes ~ March 2012

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As a gal who has always been obsessed with diaries, agendas and journals, I am never without a calendar of some sort within arms reach. The start of a new month just doesn''t seem right to me without a quick glance at a calendar, preferably one that has been filled in with truly important dates (like the invention of the corkscrew on March 27, 1860!) and all the delightful tidbits of information that make what seems like an ordinary day just a touch more special!
What do you have on your agenda this month?


  1. Love it! Anything to make my days more fun:) x LZ

  2. I love calendars that have fun little facts. Very cute :)

  3. As much as people try to convince me to put everything into my smart phone; there is something about opening an agenda or looking up at a calendar filled with appointments and special dates ... that the little electronic thing just does not match... Happy Thursday! Love the calendar above, it's full of interesting facts. xo HHL