The Wishlist: Kenneth Jay Lane's BEE Broach

I am absolutely convinced that my computer issues will be resolved today. Got to stay happy and think positive, which I must admit has been a little difficult this week.
Bear with me my friends, I promise to get back to 'real' posts as soon as everything is in order.

Now onto the very pressing Friday morning task of searching out a little lovely to gaze at.
Enter the crystal 'BEE' broach from Kenneth Jay Lane!
I adore broaches and if you are thinking that the broach is a little, well how do I put this, 'old lady-ish' for someone as hip and young as yourself, think again my lovelies. The broach is on its come-back tour and is making its appearance all over the place! 
Always a standout piece, I never sport one without at least a few people commenting "what a gorgeous pin!" And gorgeous was the first word that came to mind when I spied this delight!

Make it your very own by changing up the placement. Wear it in your hair, lose your belt and cinch your garment with it, attach it to your hat, go tres edgy and wear a whole bunch all at once or follow this quick tutorial I found at Already Pretty and make your own DIY broach necklace (this gal is truly an accessories genius)!
The possibilities only end with your imagination and unique style!!

What do you think about the broach? Is it a piece you will be adding to your accessory wardrobe?


  1. I'd wear that bee on a French beret...
    it's whimsical and wonderful and exactly what I like in accessories.

  2. I adore bee jewelry. It's really hard to find pieces that are true to the bee and not something made more for a 6 year old than an adult. Whimsical bees have their place. This piece is great because it has a lil' dazzle with the grown up appeal.